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  1. I'm going to share a story with you... I used to run a lot. Every time I did, especially during the summers, in the hot sun, the lizards would dart out from the crevices and they would run parallel with me and the sidewalk. I avoided them every outing, many times, having to shuffle my running steps so that I didn't ultimately step on them. They would ultimately scatter back into the dirt off the sidewalk and disappear. If you are a runner you can totally identify what I am referencing. Then one day, on a long run, I ended up stepping on one that wouldn't get out of my way. I didn't feel bad because I was sick and tired of the lizards forcing me to deviate from my path. After all, I always changed my path based on their direction. I thought about this in relation to the Texas - TCU game. Every now and then, you have to crush a little piece of shit that you've been nice to. I fully expect the Longhorns to beat some ass tomorrow. And oh Gary Patterson... you have self-esteem issues..... Get your shit together. Sincerely, Every.DAMN.Texas Fan
  2. Damn, those images are crystal clear! Props to the HS Photographer for his good work.
  3. For the most part our team doesn’t stay for/stand/sing/put horns up or participate in singing the Eyes of Texas? And the head coach doesn’t enforce the Athletic Director’s directives? Tom Herman should be fired for insubordination if he is guilty. End of story. There is no excuse. If not because of that he should be let go by the end of the season for not developing his players and for fielding a mediocre product over four years. Four years is enough time to see progress. Charlie got three but had losing seasons in each. Now on to Del Conte. He screwed up from the beginning by giving into the DEMANDS of 18 year old kids. DEMANDS. Conversation is good but don’t give into DEMANDS of student athletes that attend your university for free in exchange for playing football. The faucet was turned on and now the dam has broken. What did CDC think was going to happen? Texas did this to themselves and now they are in a BIG BIG pickle. When your head coach is prancing down Congress avenue with his team at a BLM march what kind of message does that send to the players about a now controversial subject like The Eyes of Texas? CDC better fix this problem but I fear it is irreparable. This has trickled over into the Longhorn Band now. The band won’t be at the Baylor game this weekend because I read they don’t have enough band members to participate. WTF! Are you kidding me? According to the Daily Texan the band members were asked in a survey if they would play the Eyes of Texas. Enough evidently said no meaning they don't have the number of band members to play on Saturday. Again, the inmates are running the asylum and CDC is sitting back and watching. UT has turned into Berkeley. I don’t know who is calling the shots at Belmont but they better get control of this situation pretty quick. And while they are at it please get these young men some real coaches with players that want to be there playing for the university. Dumpster fire doesn't come close to describing what's happening on campus now.
  4. This is all about the better-looking first-lady. Melania gets my vote. Bill sitting around the White House in his underwear all day is not very appealing. We are bamboozled with either candidate so let's focus on Texas football and tell politics to piss off.
  5. I will be drinking most of the day in an effort to pass out before I learn of which lackluster individual will run our country for the next 4 years. I voted Vader. — Twitter API (@twitterapi) November 7, 2011
  6. Jerrod Heard had 364 yards passing and 163 yards rushing in one game this year. To me that is not a player devoid of talent. Player development is certainly an issue and so is coaching. These kids have the talent, it simply needs to be cultivated, groomed and put to good use. Right now nobody can thrive in the birdcage.
  7. Utah State uses the Hook'em sign and their logo is a steer. Somebody tell the guys in college station it ain't rocket science. https://vine.co/v/e3K6HTXJ27T

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