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  1. Thought you Longhorn fans would be interested in this bit of news. I am trying to confirm this report from the state of the Texans blog but they are referencing a possible meeting between Manny Diaz and the Houston Texans this week, according to Kirk Bohls. This is the first I have heard of it. Could it be that Diaz is looking to bolt from Texas if the opportunity and money is right? Writing on the Wall?- OTAs : State of the Texans
  2. Damn this site has come a long way since I first started posting. Good job dude.
  3. Helloooooo? Has anyone ever heard of Case Keenum????? Helllooooooo? Ryan Tannehill is ranked ahead of Case? Absolute bullshit. Do we need to compare college stats? Didn't think so. Where do these draft analysts get off? They know nothing. Keenum rules Tannehill's sorry ass. I will see you guys again during football season.
  4. They play in Houston they sure the hell are not playing at Cougar Field. Maybe Reckling but no way at UH. I may be Cougar but Texas A&M is the worst school in the history of college athletics.
  5. Baylor has RG3 but they also have Kendall Wright who is a first-round pick. The bears have 4 players that are NFL worthy. Not easy to say this but they probably have more appeal than the Texas guys entering the draft.
  6. If anyone has extra tickets they want to sell send me a PM.
  7. Happens tonight! Awesome to have Andre as part of this special group of people (I am happy for Mack Brown also). Other notables that will join them include Lovie Smith and Fred "Prettiest Golf Swing Ever" Couples.
  8. Last time the All-Star game was here I had a blast. Can't wait for next year! It helps when the Rockets are winning playoff games tho.
  9. Kansas plays well down the stretch. It will be tough for the Longhorns to beat them the last game of the regular season.
  10. 900 lbs of butterfinger candy bars dropped in Copley Square in Beantown, courtesy of an online pawn shop.
  11. The Cowboys should be a favorite to make the Super Bowl beginning the season next year. They have the talent and if they manage to draft smart they can improve the secondary which is a MUST.
  12. The unfortunate news is that they have a darn good head football coach now. Kills UH fans that Sumlin left but we can't blame him.

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