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  1. And LSU fans are falling out after that loss. kind of funny.
  2. For this round, tomorrow night probably midnight pacific time. Then it will be final four voting.
  3. Don't know what's causing me more angst, this game or the blogger competition...sheesh!
  4. Guys, I need your help. I am in the Elite 8 against a hockey blog from Boston. I am currently down by 12 votes and I am asking the great people of the forums and Longhorn Nation to help my personal blog (Kodyssportskorner.com) get some votes and push me through to the Final Four and possibly a victory in the tournament. I appreciate any help ya'll can give me. Let's send this damn hockey blog packing because I cover God's sport! Hook em!
  5. Finally a Touchdown!!!!! Shipley has a better arm than Ash
  6. Something tells me that is how the night is going to go...
  7. This is a must get points kind of possession. otherwise I am breaking into my bottles of Pumpkinator from St. Arnolds.
  8. At this rate...my Rapid Reaction article will be two words... Well Fu*k
  9. They either need to start one or the other. This flip flopping will only hurt their growth. If Ash plays the entire bowl game, then they need to go with him to the season next year with him as the starter. Just choose one...
  10. If they give him a contract extension and he has another less than stellar season, will that void his extension so they can fire him, or force him to retire?
  11. not off to a great start...
  12. For every million wasted by the government on this load of crap, someone should have to kick an Aggie.
  13. Can we start the Rumors of Bob Stoops to the cheifs? Just to piss off everyone to the north
  14. If I have to hear about Tebow one more time, I am going to punt a cat...(Apologies to any cat lovers ahead of time)
  15. I think Texas wins, but here is my preview I wrote for the siteTexas/Texas Tech Preview
  16. ESPN is the evil behind the LHN | Kodys Sports Korner
  17. I wrote a post about how ESPN was the evil behind the LHN.

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