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  1. ISU's unis don't even matter... We are gonna be watching flashes of white streak across the field ALL NIGHT LONG BABY
  2. strike early with Brown... wear out the D... then finish them off with McCoy to Shipley Version 2.0
  3. time for kickoff... time for payback... time for a big win to get ready for red river next week
  4. I absolutely LOVE watching A&M squander away 2 possession leads in the second half... makes me feel all happy inside
  5. October is always where we separate the men from the boys. Time to see who is a good team and who is a GREAT team as everyone hits the grinding wheel in the middle of the season. Today, the Horns are obviously gonna kick the shit out of ISU. Payback is a b*tch. And I personally want to see some one crumple 'Steele' like the aluminum can he is. Nebraska is going to be crushed by Wisconsin and realize that moving the Big 10 was the biggest mistake they could have made. We get to see what Will can really do as a head coach with Florida - Bama. Charlie Weis is bringing 'The Kitchen Sink' and everyone knows Muschamp has the best blitzes in football. I still like Bama though... Hightower is gonna be flying around the field to keep contain. Personally, I am soooooooooo tired of all the talk about Tahj Boyd. Beamer Ball should end that today. Here's to Texas putting up 45 today... HOOK EM
  6. I would definately be a fan of those additions to the Big 12... Boise would obviously dominate the North so nothing much would change... A Boise - UT title game every year would be intense.
  7. Lets be honest... UT has way better fans than those aggie posers ever could... and you don't see us bragging calling ourselves the 12th man... Heres to the SEC best kicking the living piss out of those pansies week in and week out... HOOK EM
  8. Bama - Arkansas: I knew that these were two good football teams coming into the game. I am still convinced the Razorbacks have what it takes to be competitive in the SEC (even though they are still breaking in two new offensive tackles and have made some mistakes) and I really like what they are doing on offense. Tyler Wilson will definitely be a QB to watch in the future. But watching what Bama is doing is absolutely astonishing. They had to replace 4 first round draft picks and a QB and I think they look BETTER than last year. No doubt in mind that Bama is the best team in college football right now.
  9. Just because the Horns have a bye this week doesn't mean that college football disappears. What big games will everyone be watching this weekend? I know that I am looking forward to Pitt - ND and Bama - Arkansas. And of course I will be watching to see Okie State kick the living piss out of the Aggies.
  10. I will really miss the game. It is always a chance for the horns to show they really are the best team in Texas.
  11. I honestly think GG is good enough to play QB at a big school. He had a lot of potential. I think the pressure to follow in Colt's footsteps really set him back last year and he was just never able to recover once things started going downhill. Give him a couple years to move, learn a system and clear his head and I think we might see GG do some great things for a school elsewhere.
  12. I would not mind a move to the Pac 16 if it means we still get to smash the Sooners every year. Plus we get to kill USC every now and then, go duck hunting on a regular basis and get some west coast recruiting options. Throw in keeping the network and I only see one thing missing. Who else wants an non-conference game with A&M every year just to prove a point?? Hook Em
  13. Props to Tigers D for coming out to play in the second half. With that being said... I have begun my preparations for the Toledo -vs- Boise game tomorrow. Look for me on ESPN... southeast corner of the endzone!!!!
  14. Time for some redemption baby!!! I am looking forward to some big time Texas football Saturday. McCoy and Shipley are gonna start what will become a tradition much like the one their brothers started. What do you guys think??
  15. This is one heck of a football game. I was expecting a lot more out of the State offense but LSU has played pretty much lights out. Nothing like a good college football game on a Thursday night.
  16. I would love to see Texas go SEC. Honestly though, I do not think the SEC would ever take Texas. Do you really think Bama, LSU and Florida want to take on another powerhouse team every year? The SEC is gonna go to 16 teams, but I think they will all be like A&M. Mediocre teams who think they can roll with the big boys.
  17. Miss State is a GOOD football team. I am pumped to see LSU on thursday night because I love watching the offense develop. I don't get a lot of LSU coverage in my area so I excited to watch the game. I hope LSU doesn't come in overconfident because if they do the State is gonna jump all over them.
  18. As much as I would hate to see us go independent... I think it does carry some interesting possibilities. First off, it lets us keep the Longhorn Network, which is obviously a positive for UT athletics as well as promoting the university as a whole. Being an independent also allows us to keep up our rivalry games. It will be a lot easier to keep playing and beating Oklahoma and A&M if we do not have to work around conference schedules. Also as in independent, we could have one heck of a schedule against big name opponents. I personally would not mind seeing UT bash heads with Notre Dame every year. I mean think about all the publicity that game would get. The problem with going independent is obviously BCS bids. Unless the NCAA changes something (which we all know they won't) we would probably have to run the table every year to get a shot at a title. No conference play also means no chance for a conference championship which less opportunities to fill the trophy case. No matter what happens, I do not want to see Texas in the ACC. I just do not like the idea of having to travel 1,000+ miles for every away game. It makes it really hard to get the fans to come out and support every game.
  19. I was checking out some of the stuff for Longhorn Network on youtube and found this video: Kevin Dunn Trains for his Longhorn Network Debut - YouTube If anybody knows if its possible to get one of those Brick by Brick t-shirts... I would love to know. I'm guessing it is probably a team thing but I think it would be an awesome shirt to own.
  20. So true. Oklahoma and OSU are only interesting to people around from the state of Oklahoma. The Pac 12 is only gonna add teams they think can feed into their conference profits. The best way for them to do that is to add Boise State and TCU. Those two schools alone have gotten more national attention then the entire Pac 10/12 in the last 3 years. If the Pac 12 wants to gain viewers they have to pick up Boise not OU.
  21. Personally, I love the new McCoy to Shipley connection. Give this two years to develop and you would swear its 2009 again. I have been a fan of Foz as long as he has been a horn, but these last two games I have definately seen something in Malcolm Brown. MB just has that big play potential built into his running style. As far as David Ash, the kid can flat out play. I feel that Mack needs to utilize both him and Case because they are different types of quarterbacks. If we can use both of them successfully it makes it twice as hard on opposing defenses because they have to prepare for our offense to be run two different ways. And i swear if Garrett Gilbert takes another snap this season I will personally fly to Austin and start a riot. Gilbert has had wayyyyyyy to many chances and done nothing with them. On another note, I loved the way the Horns came out in the second half saturday night. If this was the 2010 team, there is no way we would have beaten BYU. Mack has done one heck of a job getting the guys refocused on what really matters... winning football games.

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