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  1. The next two weeks will tell whether we make a BCS game or not... the two biggest tests on the schedule this year are OU and Okie State (and they are both GOOD football teams). If we win both games... I think we can run the table, win the Big 12 and have a legitimate shot at the title game (depending on how the SEC, Pac 12 and Big 10 play out). The key is we have to win the next two football games... that will truly tell us how good the horns are this year.
  2. Defense is looking pretty good... unfortunately there is not a lot of similarities between what ISU has done tonight and OU will do next week... But we have gotten a nice pass rush, played fast and forced turnovers... and those 3 things definitely need to carry over to next week.
  3. They are playing safe so far in the second half... I would like to see some aggression on the offensive side
  4. really no need to even review that play... McCoy to Shipley is always complete
  5. 34 - 0 at halftime is definitely what the Horns wanted to do... Oklahoma better be ready to play next week...
  6. I hope they aren't so we can run the same play again
  7. That play was absoulutely sick!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. BLOCKED PUNT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Special Teams gettin on the action. HOOK EM
  9. we all knew we would have to punt at some time...
  10. excellent coverage downfield... Texas Pass D looks real good
  11. What if I have two tvs and am watching the horns and bama?? lol I love college football
  12. WOW!!!!!!!!!!! what a throw from ash down the field... very impressive TD
  13. After that poor attempt at a field goal... I am really glad to know we have a reliable guy like Tucker to split the posts
  14. Once somebody gets a clean shot on the showboat he will be done for the game
  15. Defensive holding??? Are you fricken kidding me???? Total BS call
  16. Even though they didn't connect... that was one hell of a third down throw. Case stared down the pressure and delivered a beautiful strike. Steele Jantz should watch that film because that is how a real QB plays.
  17. Blake Gideon is an absolute beast in the secondary... We keep forcing turnovers at this rate and we will win by 70
  18. Fozzy makes some sick cuts... really nice TD run
  19. I hate seeing Case get smashed like that... nice job of holding onto the football though... 3 point lead is sure to grow
  20. I love how ISU's fans go crazy because of a stop on 4th and 1 in the first quarter... like its really gonna matter at the end of the day
  21. I thought Steele Jentz was supposed to be tough... just overthrew his man by 10 yards cause of the pressure like a little girl

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