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  1. 3-0 after the first quarter but right now I think we are dominating the game. That fumble has really taken a lot of confidence out of Mizzou's offense. As long as we keep moving the chains and don't start getting a bunch of 3 and outs we should be alright.
  2. Lets all hope Fozzy is ok... That buckle did not look good...
  3. The D is gonna have to step up... forcing the fumble does give us some momentum... but we can not let Mizzou move the ball like that if we want to win.
  4. As far as I am concerned... it does not really matter which of the three is the best. They are all Longhorns and are all excellent in the backfield. Its really a blessing to have a solid 3 man rotation and not lose a thing no matter who is in the backfield next to Ash. It keeps anybody from wearing down over the course of the game because they all have the big play potential. It does not matter who is in the game... when we run the ball good things happen. Period.
  5. I'm just really upset to see Joe Pa go down like this. I was pissed when FSU pushed Bobby Bowden out the door and now to see the everything happening at PSU is just disheartening. I just feel like it takes away from the magic of college football when iconic coaches are forced to step down because of controversy. Now Joe Pa will go down being remembered as the guy who kept a sex offender on his staff instead of one of the greatest college football coaches of all time. It's just wrong.
  6. The Mizzou move is a joke. Its obvious that Bama, LSU and crew just wanted another sub par team to pad their stats against.
  7. This is going to be an amazing football game. This game has national champion written all over it because whoever wins has the best chance at winning the title. I feel like I have to agree with Llama on this one. Saban knows how to win big football games. He has done it his entire career so its hard to say he wants to quit now.
  8. It was definitely intentional... Bass put his shoulder pads right into the kids face. Word on campus is that the band member who got hit has a concussion from the incident.
  9. For those of you who do not know... I attend the University of Toledo. Hopefully you all watched was one hell of a shootout last night on ESPN 2. Unfortunately, for those of us at the game, there was some major tension that carried over from pregame. Our band has a pretty cool pregame routine that they have done the exact same way at every home game for almost a decade. Unfortunately, NIU thought it would be fun to crash the party and run onto the field. If that was not bad enough one of, Jamaal Bass thought it would be fun to take a shot at one of our band kids. This was by far the most classless thing I have ever seen at a college football game. Check out the video for yourselves: Careless « Football « Sports « Let's Go Rockets Something needs to be done about this...
  10. http://www.secsportsfan.com/images/tennessee_vols_basketball_court.jpg There is a reason why the court has this label... Pat Summit is a fighter and I am sure she will continue to coach at the best of her ability.
  11. http://www.blitzcorner.com/uploads/medium/medium_Texas_Longhorns_Girls_Pics.jpg She looks great in that shirt... and even better without it HOOK 'EM
  12. I'm not a big rangers fan so I stayed away from the series talk so far. The key for them in the offseason is to just fill in the spots. Making to the big show two years in a row means they have what it takes. I feel like Fielder would be a good fit at first base. It's a position where you guys struggled to find a good fit all year. If they can fill in the gaps the Rangers will win a series, maybe not next year... but soon.
  13. I totally agree with hornfan. Even kickers have to earn their shoulderpads from time to time. Huge hit though... good to see a kicker lower his shoulder and lay the wood.
  14. I actually expect that record to change Saturday... 261-0 is so much better lol
  15. I would love to see an ND matchup at Thanksgiving. You wanna talk about a BIG non conference game late in the season... why not pit two perennial powerhouse programs against each other on a holiday. Texas and ND both have loyal fan bases and the game would get HUGE national attention.
  16. Fact... Okie State is not as good as Oklahoma. Fact... RRR last week was the only BIG game experience many of our young starters have ever experienced. Fact... Texas has NEVER lost the week after RRR. Mack is going to have the boys ready to play Saturday. Nothing fires up a team like a good a**-kicking. It sucks to be on the losing end of a blowout... but that motivates a team to come out the next week and prove that they can play better. And as much as I hate Landry Jones, he is a much better quarterback than Brandon Weeden. Weeden looks good because he is surrounded by an amazing recieving corps. If the D can get pressure early and prevent him from ever getting comfortable in the pocket he will make mistakes. Plus this is a home game. Pride and defending the home field become huge motivating factors for the Horns Saturday. I expect a much better on the field performance and hope we can walk away from the game with a win.
  17. I feel like in all reality we made OU look a lot better than they are... I mean we GAVE them 3 defensive TDs. Our D played pretty well considering OU had amazing field position the whole game. And lets be honest... we looked like we were starting 8 freshman. OU brought pressure early and often and that made it really difficult for McCoy and Ash to get comfortable. Neither of them had ever played in a game of that magnitude and it showed. The key right now is how will the team react. Okie State put up 70 (granted it was Kansas... but 70 points is an impressive feat none the less). We have to be ready to play next week because if we get out of this stretch at 1-1 the BCS is definitely not out of the question with this loss coming so early in the season. I do not think Okie State will be as successful bringing pressure or stopping the run so it will be interesting to see what happens on Saturday.
  18. Cincy going to the Big 12 would be great for the conference. They might not be a great team, but they would spread coverage into the midwest. I personally wouldn't mind more Big 12 coverage in Ohio.
  19. TCU joining is great for the Big 12. Just add Boise to the mix and find another decent to throw in the mix and the Big 12 will be back to 12 teams. Restructure the TV deal to make everyone happy and the Big 12 is back baby!!!!
  20. If Mizzou moves to the SEC they will be lucky to finish with a .500 record every year. Teams keep thinking they are putting themselves in better positions by switching conferences... but when those moves lead to fewer wins every year it is definitely detrimental to the program. Nobody wants to go play for a below .500 team just because the SEC is the best conference in the country. Recruits want to play for winning programs and have a shot at championships... period.
  21. The next two weeks will definitely be a test of just how good the Horns are this year. OU is a solid team all around. They are really balanced on both sides of the ball. Luckily for us, RRR is a game where you can just throw out how good a team is. I mean look what happened last year. We did not even deserve to be on the same field as the Sooners and it was still one hell of a football game. This game is about pride.... period. As for Okie State, they are all about offense. I feel like McCoy and Ash will be able to the ball against the OSU defense so the key is slowing them down. If we can find a way to semi-contain Justin Blackmon (no more than 2 or 3 15+ yard completions) and get some quick pressure on the old man under center, I think we have a VERY legitimate chance at getting out of this stretch with no less than a 1-1 record.
  22. 37-14 final... I would say that is some pretty damn nice payback... now lets take it to the Sooners next week HOOK EM
  23. At 37-0 with 6 and change left... I think its safe to say our beloved Horns have this game in the bag. Wisconsin is taking care of Nebraska and Bama-Florida is not as close as the score. And Toledo won today... they needed it after the bullshit call at Syracuse last weekend.
  24. I know what you mean... its never good to see somebody go off the field like that...
  25. now that play cannot happen next week... I am a big fan of Fozzy in the Wildcat, but he has to hold onto the football.

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