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  1. So true... I have never been a fan of a 2 QB system. How can you expect either of them to play with full confidence when the both know no idea who will end up taking the next snap. The quarterback is supposed to be the leader of the offense... how can he do that when he might not even be in the huddle?
  2. The way this season is going... maybe everyone will lose and Houston will end up in the title game. I bet that would make cougDave happy lol
  3. Just one more solid back to add to our revamped running game for next season. Now if we could just find a decent QB to complement them...
  4. OH YA BABY... 44-17!!! If we beat Ball State next week and NIU loses we will win the MAC West so things are pretty intense up here. Right now I'm prepping for the Horns to go Cat hunting tonight. HOOK 'EM
  5. As if Joe Pa didn't have enough on his plate already...
  6. If LSU and Okie State win out... they get in. If Okie State loses it wouldn't surprise me the least if we see a rematch of LSU Bama because the BCS is so damn lovedrunk over the SEC.
  7. I completely agree. That was worst excuse of a turf surface I have ever seen. There are small high schools in Ohio with better turf. No reason why Mizzou should have that bad of a surface to play on. Every time they have a home game there own team is at risk of injury. It is just ridiculous.
  8. I really hate the fact the fact that Fozzy has to go down his Senior year. Clearly the turf was in bad condition with as many injuries that occurred throughout the game, so it really sucks that that had to be the reason for such a devastating injury. Just the way his knee buckled meant it was gonna be bad... but both the ACL and MCL really sucks. I just hope he can rehab well and be able to find a spot in the NFL. He is a workhorse and deserves his chance in the pros.
  9. If there was ever a need for creativity... thank god for Bryan Harsin. That man has more offensive creativity in his pinky finger than most guys have in their whole body. If anyone can figure out a way to get around our banged up running back lack of a decent QB situation... its Bryan Harsin.
  10. Things I learned today: 1 - Texas STILL does not have a viable option at QB 2 - It is really hard to run the football when you only can use your #4 and #5 backs 3 - We have a longggggggggg way to go this off-season so we can come out and kick some ass next year HOOK 'EM
  11. I wouldn't know... I muted my tv after listening to the atrocious commentary after the ridiculous flag on Vacarro earlier lol
  12. After those terrible throws down field I'm starting to wish that he would give up...
  13. That run proves to me that David Ash still has his heart in this game. He might be playing like shit but he is not gonna give up.
  14. Its definitely gut check time for this offense. We need to see what we saw the last 2 weeks for the rest of the game.
  15. Not having Fozzy is just killing us right now. I mean we are playing this game with our #4 and #5 backs. If we can just get a couple big plays then I think we can still win this game in the 4th quarter.
  16. Huge Safety!!! This could definitely change the way the game turns out.
  17. So many guys are going down today with knees... I think Mizzou needs to replace their turf. The field looks to be in terrible condition and everybody is sticking their cleats. Its ridiculous.
  18. As terrible as this sounds... downing that punt might give us a little momentum. I would hate to think that a punt changes the course of this game but lets hope it happens.
  19. I could not agree more... but I really think things would be different if Fozzy was not hurt right now. We are really missing his explosion through the hole.
  20. I agree... I really thought that McCoy was playing better but everyone said that Ash looked better in practice. I just hope we can figure out a way to get out of this game with a win.
  21. Ash just does not have good field vision today. He is getting hit and not seeing it coming so he is not even looking to run. I just do not feel like Ash came to play today and we have to get him off the field if we want to come back.
  22. I really would not be surprised if we McCoy come out in the second half... especially after that terrible read for the pick to end the half. Ash just has not been able to get anything big going since that first drive. We need to mix something up on offense since Fozzy is out for the game.
  23. The D just came up big to fight off some of that Mizzou momentum... lets see if we can't make something happen offensively before the half...
  24. THAT FLAG ON VACARRO IS THE MOST BULL SHIT THING I HAVE SEEN ALL SEASON!!!!!!! You get taught from day one to wrap up and keep your head up... complete bull shit call.
  25. Our O line is just getting stood up right now. Where the hell is the blocking we had the last 2 games?? The one thing I noticed we did the first two drives that we did not do on the last 2 was get the ball outside. We are faster than Mizzou off the edge so if Hills and Monroe can get the edge we can make some good things happen.

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