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  1. MUFFED PUNT!!! Why the hell did the return man try to pick that up?? Talk about the cardinal sin of returning...
  2. I like the call to go for it on 4th and 1... the last thing we needed was to start the night with a 3 and out
  3. Guess what guys... we're playing on ESPN tonight... that means we don't have to listen to those dumb ass announcers from FX the whole night
  4. Toledo won... For the next 4 hours my heart and soul belongs to the Horns... HOOK 'EM
  5. I just hope this game isn't as nerve racking as Toledo vs. Air Force...
  6. All I have to say is people up here are pissed. The guys living in the apartment next to mine are HUGE buckeye fans and when the penalty was released I literally watched one of them put his hand through there front door. It was actually pretty hilarious.
  7. The Clippers actually have put some decent players in place. Plus, think about how many seats will be filled just because CP3 hooks up with Blake Griffin every night. Mark my words... the Clippers will compete in the West this season.
  8. I have to disagree with you CougDave. Did you watch the A&M game?? McCoy won the hearts of teammates with his effort, heart and leadership in that game.
  9. I am really not so sure about Crist. Brian Kelly is one of the best QB coaches in the nation. If he doubted his throwing ability it really makes me wonder if he can get the job done.
  10. RGIII was definitely a class act on stage. I have not heard a Heisman speech that good in a LONG time. Clearly a class act on and off the field.
  11. RGIII brings home the hardware. I don't know about about you guys, but this is the first time in the last few years that the guy I believed deserved the trophy actually won.
  12. I agree that Harrison needs to be punished. He has been making late, dirty hits every since he started. But Colt did pass the concussion tests on the sideline before he went back in. He wanted to put the team in a position to win the game. As a Browns fan, I can honestly say that Colt moved up a few notches in my eyes (and I loved the guy to start with). He is dedicated to the team and wants to win football games. Period.
  13. As upset as Colt's dad is... I think this one goes on Colt. Remember the title game 2 years ago?? He wanted to go out and play the second half when he couldn't feel his arm let alone throw a football. Colt always wants to be out on the field no matter what happens. He is a fighter.
  14. I am already preparing myself for the moment when Acho and Jeffcoat hit Maynard at the same time and literally tear his body in half...
  15. Okie State just took the shaft HARD... bastards at the BCS just absolutely love the SEC
  16. Okie State beat the Sooners by 5 scores on a week when Bama was idle... that is hard to overlook. The thing is that LSU beating Bama shows us that LSU is better. ISU beating OSU does not mean the team that won is a better team. Upsets happen. I really hope Bama gets shut out.
  17. I can't see any retirement announcements from Mack until at least after the bowl game. If he does choose to retire at least it will be on his own will and not a forced exit. If he does choose to go, it opens the door to an interesting market for a new head coach in the offseason. Or maybe Manny Diaz gets a promotion...
  18. The BCS is just rediculous. They love the SEC and hate everyone else. They decide to punish some one loss teams but let others slip through without a hitch. They give an AQ bid to the Big East who could potentially have a conference champion with 3 losses every year. They punish schools stuck in weak conferences who work their asses for one good undefeated season and say that a one loss team deserves to play for the title because of 'strength of schedule'. Who the F@#K determines what strength of schedule is anyway? Am I saying an undefeated team from the Sunbelt should play in the title game... no. But how is to say that a one loss team from the SEC is better than an undefeated team who completely dominated conference opponents from the Mountain West. As far as I am concerned, non-BCS schools play tougher non-conference games than AQ schools do. I mean look at Boise. They have beaten Georgia, Virginia Tech, Oregon and plenty of other top notch programs. And yes... they have one loss this year and they did last year but that does not mean they are not a good enough football team to play a BCS game. Who gives a shit about conference play when it comes to strength of schedule. Bowl games are about pitting two schools against each other for a one and done. Bowl games are all or nothing. Sorry about going on and on... but I REALLY hate the BCS.
  19. Just a thought that crossed my mind... if Georgia wins can their still be a Bama - LSU championship game? The BCS says only 2 teams from the same conference can play in BCS games. If Georgia wins... they would be SEC champs... reserving one of the SEC's two spots in BCS games. If this applies, somebody gets shafted. Does the 1-2 title rule override the 2 team rule? Can Georgia lose an auto bid as a conference champion? This shit is just all f##ked up...
  20. Gundy and the pokes are gonna take the Sooner Schooner out behind the wood shed...
  21. I agree with bbdude. Davis has dropped way to many passes this year. The A&M game especially. The way dropped passes are counted in stats are way different then the amount of passes a reciever actually drops. To get a drop in the stats you pretty much have to lose a ball that hits you in the numbers. If you can get your hands on the ball... you can catch the ball. I just don't think Davis has figured that one out yet...
  22. I just hope he keeps it up next week against and plays well in the bowl game. The more I think back about Colt's freshman year I remember how frustrated I got with him. He missed throws and made some bad decisions. But look at what he ended up doing for us over 4 years. Give Case the time under center. Let him mature and grow. After the A&M game I definitely think he might be the guy. He has the heart and like beevomav... he hasn't thrown a pick all year. He might miss some throws but he makes good decisions. He has the potential to get us back to the BCS where we belong.
  23. Case earned that spot against those maroon fools. His jersey after the game tells the whole story. That is more heart than I have seen anybody play with all season.
  24. I like bevo's idea lol. But in all honesty... I really feel like we are going to feel a lot of the same growing pains on the hardwood that we have on the gridiron. I mean lets be honest... 6 of our 11 guys this year are Freshman. As the season goes on they will definitely grow and mature as players but as that happens we are going to take some lumps along the way. We cannot just come out and start jumping all over Barnes this early in the season. He will get the team in shape and hopefully we can compete for a conference title. But like with this year's football team... if we expect perfection we will walk away disappointed and angry. We have to give this team some time to grow... no doubt they will dominate in a couple years.

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