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  1. 1 - Vince Young

    2 - Earl Thomas

    3 - Colt McCoy

    4 - Jordan Shipley

    5 - Blake Gideon


    Mack has truly been a recruiting master, but these are the guys who I feel really made a difference in the program. Also, Mack has also been phenomenal at bringing coaches to UT. I mean look at our last two DC's. Muschamp fled to UF like a little girl, but he was a hell of an assistant. Manny Diaz put on a hell of a show in his first season at the position. Greg Davis did a nice job when he had the talent to run his system. Getting Bryan Harsin from Boise will also prove to be a solid decision. The fact is, Mack is a master at bringing in coaches and players to put the Horns in the best position possible to win football games.

  2. Tim Tebow is like when Miami first started running the Wildcat... It is gonna take teams a 1 to 1.5 seasons to figure out how to defend him because he is so unlike any other QB in the league. Just like the Wildcat... Tebow should not be successful. But he is so good at being a terrible QB that no defensive coordinators have been able to figure out any good strategies to use against him. Fact is, Tebow is just really damn lucky. For Denver to lose, Tebow has to beat himself (aka Tebow vs. NE). His glory days are over very soon...

  3. I don't know about the rest of you but I spent my evening attempting to soak up the small amount of football season we have left by watching the high school All-Americans duke it out. Unfortunately, the game went south with Connor Brewer leaving in the first half with a concussion and Johnathon Gray leaving in the third with what appeared to be an ankle injury. Definitely not a good game for the future Horns...

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