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  1. Any surprises for anyone's bracket thus far? It's still early but the higher seeds won - Louisville, Wisconsin and Murray State.
  2. The Cowboys signed another safety from OU today. Didn't they learn their lesson with Roy williams?
  3. Davis is turning heads at practice. He is playing with a lot more intensity and a lot of it has to do with Darius White transferring to Mizzou. White was not a good fit for the program and probably did more to hinder players and the offense than he knows. Locker room is a lot more cheerful and upbeat.
  4. Excited to have this group officially on the team! Brewer is a good talent but do not count out Jalen Overstreet, who has the ability to contribute immediately because of his running capability. I think he will be one who surprises the staff.
  5. After flopped deal after flopped deal it finally looks as if Chris Paul is finally headed to LA. No, not the LA team that has won a multitude of NBA Championships but the OTHER LA team, the lowly Clippers. ZERO Championships, ZERO Conference Titles, ZERO Division Titles. Makes a man wonder why Stern would approve this deal for a player that has so much to offer fans and teams around the league. Clippertown is a place where has-beens and mediocre talent go to work on their basketball skills.
  6. Lovin' it. Hate LA but am concerned about Odom. He is at best a 7th man and he is getting old. Not sure Cuban made the moves to diffuse the blow of losing Tyson Chandler. That one might prove to be costly.
  7. Texas A&M will be in the lower half of the SEC as they enter the 2012 season. Take a look at the SEC Divisions: Realistically Texas A&M will be in with the Kentucky's, the Mississippi's, the Mississippi State's and the Arkansas/Georgia's of the league. Some good seasons, some not so good. A&M's ability to recruit into the East will be critical. They will get their sliver of Texas but spreading out into everything east of Texas will be critical to their success.
  8. Look for both Ash and McCoy to play this weekend. The staff are still committed to Ash but McCoy will have an opportunity to show that he can compete. As far as McCoy not being happy that Ash was given the start - absolutely true. I have heard that he has acted downright infantile at times.
  9. Unless the game gets out of hand I expect Mack to play Ash the entire game. The "You've made your bed now lie in it" saying applies.
  10. Mack will play both qb's tomorrow but after tomorrow there will be only one starter. The match up against the Oklahoma State defense will be much more favorable than that of Oklahoma. Texas will move the ball but I doubt our guys have the capacity to run the score up like OSU and Weeden can. Interesting enough are the reports that Case McCoy is unhappy about splitting time.
  11. The Baylor story has turned into Baylor and 5 other schools that are threatened by the Aggie Move and ALSO the potential OU hop to the PAC 10 Conference. A&M AND the SEC have asked the Big XII to wave any legal claims related to the A&M move. Dan Beebe: This is more than simply a team moving conferences. It has the potential for a significant impact on revenue sharing and yes, the demise of the Big XII.
  12. Happy they are there but not sure if it is premature or not? Need to see more before I reserve judgment.
  13. Did everyone see those uniformas in the Maryland - Miami game yesterday? OMG. When Miami was asked about them Miami said "You couldn't pay us to wear those." All he needs is a "HE HATE ME" name on the back.

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