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  1. 11/7 is a BIG recruiting weekend featuring Malik Jefferson and whole lot of others. A win tomorrow is a must for Strong's players to have confidence when the couchburners come to Austin next weekend.
  2. I haven't posted here in a while but damn, things have really taken off. Googled Leanna Decker and now I am in lust. Holy moly. Girl is unbelievable. Obsessed now......
  3. My biggest fear is Texas A&M winning this game. If they pull a victory off then the national championship hunt becomes a clear reality for them. This would really, really stink.
  4. Hookem.com said a source has told them he will be named the starter. I am not buying it 100%. Horns Nation (ESPN) writer William Wilkerson tweeted that there was a confirmation from a source that Ash had been named the starter. The tweet has been deleted. Hookem is the only source reporting this and while they are credible I feel this is a much larger issue that Coach Brown wants to maintain a handle on his way. My guess is this source should have kept his mouth shut and let it unfold when the depth chart is released.
  5. I like this because the way our program is shaping up we will be in the hunt for quite a while. Maybe not next year but when Swoopes gets to A-town you had better believe it is on like
  6. Ferentz is in a win or go home position at Iowa this year so it should be interesting to see how it plays out. Believe it or not Greg Davis could be the head coach at Iowa at some point in the next year or two if they are marginal. I dislike Davis because of the struggles our team experienced since Vince but it is hard to complain about the job him and Coach Brown did before that. I think he recruited well but I, like you guys think he should share the blame. For him to make the statement about Gilbert = him sharing the blame. I wish the guy well at Iowa but he is not a great offensive mind, at least not these days.
  7. Wow thats a tough one. I would have to lean towards Alabama. Miami and USC put up a ring of championships over the last 30 years but Bama has done it and been consistent. Don't forget USC's 2004 BCS Championship was stripped for cheating (thank Reggie Bush for that).
  8. Shoves it straight in the Pac 12/ Big 10's face with their damnRose Bowl. Colorado and Nebraska must be kicking themselves now.
  9. You guys know who is behind all this right?
  10. The selection is going on as I type this but it has been confirmed through multiple sources that former Texas A&M coach R.C. Slocum will make the CFB HOF.
  11. An interesting article talks about Manny Pacquiao's vehement opposition to President Obama's same sex marriage support. I am politically neutral but I think it is hilarious that Manny is ready to kick Obama's ass over this. Bible references and all! Manny Pacquiao challenges Obama on same-sex marriage
  12. The Big East will be extinct in a matter of months. If not physically then in stature. The automatic BCS qualifier has been revoked and it is just a matter of time before the teams of worth, which is very very few, left in the league try and bolt elsewhere. JoshScott is absoultely correct. The Big East is now no different than C-USA or the Mountain West.

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