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  1. Makes no sense why they sell them in the patio area for $8 as well as liquor to only season ticket holders. Just open it up to everyone and make more money. The $8 bucks seems a little steep but it didn't stop me this weekend.
  2. I sure wish we could get more fans to think this way! Way to many measure their own success based on what happens on a field when they aren't even playing. Most important, I learned and believe earnestly that there is no disgrace or dishonor in failure if one has tried his hardest to succeed. Disgrace is giving less than one’s best effort or allowing failure to kill one’s will to compete. True success lies not only in victory but also in picking oneself up after a gut-wrenching loss and in striving to be better the next time. If sports fans could understand how difficult victory is to attain and how much competition requires of players’ bodies and minds, appreciating a team and its players for the quality of the competition will be more rewarding than focusing on final scores. Perhaps then despicable epithets like “choke†to describe a losing effort never will be uttered. No, baseball is not a cruel game, despite the occasional elusiveness of the 27th out. On the contrary, the Game allows both teams an equal opportunity to win and requires the winner to get all of the 27 outs. The Game rewards those who do more when victory or defeat hangs in the balance, and the Game penalizes those who fall short in those situations. Whether one succeeds or fails when all can be won or lost is the essence of competition. The Game benignly provides a stage to determine a contest’s outcome, but the Game does not guarantee any player success or compel his failure.
  3. Is a top 10-12 recruiting class that poor? That's where this class was when Mack Left.
  4. Chris Nelson out of Florida and Poona Ford out of SC also have scheduled visits. Everyone can now back away from the ledge.
  5. Move on, save your energy. It's time to get on board with the Staff that will be here and not second guess everything. Let's see the results on and off the field and then judge.
  6. Nice pick up but I think the stats listed above were from his senior yr in high school. Hopefully he can blck and stretch the middle of the field. Hook em
  7. The good news is there are only 233 days until kickoff. Sarcasm, Dark days are upon us.
  8. All I know is that's one BIG ASS BB to get back in a box!
  9. With all due respect I completely disagree. With recruiting going on and the dead period coming up the 16th there was no reason to rush this keep everything business as usual. Finish the banquet and get the person that will be coming in lined up and let the transition be smooth from the time of the announcement. There are roughly 80 employees that will potentially be affected by this decision and I am sure they are looking out for them a well (coaches and administration) A lot more to the situation than just Mack when it is all said and done. Lets try to have some patience and let the plan work itself out.
  10. This can only mean one thing. Gundy will be the next coach at Texas.
  11. Just curious if anyone had a list of people that will be in attendance this weekend. Thanks

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