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  1. Texas should immediately kill the Thanksgiving night game. The TCU/Tech fanbases have never played in these games and they have no idea how to deal with it. Texas fans don't care as much because the matchup isn't sexy. Most importantly, the NFL has completely taken over Thanksgiving from 11:30am - 10:00pm. It's not worth the trouble.
  2. Oh believe me I know. I don't remember which game it was last year in Omaha but a pitcher left a hanger right over the plate, and the guy just crushes the ball. In Rosenblatt that thing would have been top row of the bleachers. Instead the LF comes in like 5 steps to catch it. At Reckling last weekend it was funny to notice how every ball hit off of one of those bats sounds like a broken wood bat on contact. It was a good idea to tone it down a little but they went soooo far overboard.
  3. Taking a look at the profiles of the 16 teams left in the Supers...here's my ranking from Most Likely to Least Likely to win it all in Omaha. FAVORITES: 1. TCU - Interesting to see if the long innings last weekend come back to haunt, but I think this team has the best overall profile of the remaining teams, now that all those national seeds have already exited the dance. The best ERA in college baseball in 2014 (Team ERA of 2.14). This is the one team I would absolutely not want to face right now. 2. Virginia - They blew it in the Supers last year as a national seed. They've also got salty pitching (2.29 Team ERA). Virginia feels like the kind of team that's been knocking on the door for years and is ready to kick the sonofabitch down. LOTS OF POTENTIAL: 3. Vanderbilt - Like UVA, Another perennial underachiever but a strong team...I am VERY nervous about having UVA and Vandy ranked #2 and #3 on this list btw. Last year the Dores were the #2 national seed and got pushed to Game 7 by Georgia Tech and then got 1-2-BBQed by Louisville at home in the Supers. I like Vandy's potential draw if they get by Stanford. Potential revenge against Louisville, or they'd draw the tourney's cinderella Kennesaw State. Would potentially avoid TCU/Virginia/ULaLa until the final series. 4. Houston - On one side you could say that Houston is the hottest team in the tourney after taking 2 of 3 at LSU. On the other side you could say that Stony Brook did the same in 2012 and then got smoked in Omaha. But Houston was impressive in February, they're playing even better now, and they'll be a tough out. 5. Texas - Really, UH and Texas should be 4a and 4b. The fact that they have to play each other should inherently push them both down on this list because I think this Super will be a total 50-50 toss up. Texas has arms for days even with Peters out. Timely hits, and the lack of errors (mental or otherwise) decide whether this team is good or great. Chances for a title have increased dramatically thanks to the early exits of teams like LSU, OR STATE, FLA STATE, FLA... 6. Louisiana-Lafayette - 66 team HRs and a team batting average of .319. But since the bats were changed I don't think mashers have done jack squat in Omaha. Even LSU rode more speed and arms to get their last title. The Cajuns have a Team ERA of 3.31 which doesn't sound bad, but it's good for 67th in the country. I've got my "FRAUD" sticker ready to slap on these guys' helmets at any moment. A PUNCHERS CHANCE: 7. Louisville - A return to Omaha would be Louisville's 3rd in 8 years. The Cards avoid a trip to Tallahassee and get a bonus home Super Regional. Combine that with a relatively weak regional draw (Kentucky was a garbage 2 seed) and this is a gift wrapped trip to the CWS. 8. Pepperdine - I will always respect, and probably overrate California teams. I have seen enough Stanford, Fullerton, Pepperdine, UC Irvine baseball to know these guys play like winners. If Pepperdine can escape Ft Worth they can do anything. 9. UC Irvine - Any Texas fan worth his salt knows what the UC Irvine anteaters are capable of. They just beat the overall #1 ranked team in the country on the road, Stillwater won't scare them. My most likely Supers upset. 10. Oklahoma State - Ok State took 4 of 6 from Texas but they just didn't ring my bell as a title contending team. I think they're good across the board but not dominating anywhere. 11. Texas Tech - I think the Red Raiders are a year or two ahead of schedule. But if the young pitchers can win on the road in their first regional appearance, maybe they can do anything. Most likely they can do enough to beat CoC at home, but then stage fright would set in at TD Ameritrade. 12. Stanford - Stanford had a lousy year that they've salvaged with the upset win in Bloomington. But this is not the typical Stanford team...they've given up 6+ runs in 17 of 58 games (34-24 record overall). That's almost 30% of their games. That's not winning baseball in NCAA 2014. LONG SHOTS: 13. College of Charleston - The best #4 seed in the country coming in, and they drew probably the best possible Super Regional matchup since Texas Tech also upset Miami. They could make it to Omaha, but they won't win in Omaha. 14. Ole Miss - Haha. Come on now. Look up their history, this ain't happening. It's been 42 years since Ole Miss made it to Omaha. 15. Maryland - Maryland's making some noise, and they can finish their F-U-ACC tour by breaking UVAs hearts in the Charlottesville Super Regional. They CAN. They WON'T. 16. Kennesaw State - Sorry Owls. Nice run in Tallahassee though. You'll always have Tallahassee.
  4. Yeah you can PayPal or mail a check, either way. Send me a private message and I will give you the details. I will pick up the first round at a future hornsports happy hour if I win first place
  5. We're running our 16th annual tournament pool on ESPN's Tournament Challenge this year. http://games.espn.go.com/tournament-challenge-bracket/2014/en/game group name: Onions! password: texas $20 to join, payout is 75% to 1st 19% to 2nd 5% to 3rd 1% (and a year of humiliation) to dead last Usually we have around 30 people signed up so if you're interested and want some bragging rights on hornsports, sign up and play.
  6. I hate to disappoint you but football is not the most important venture on the 40.
  7. I heard that Mack violates the Austin ban on plastic grocery bags. What a savage.
  8. Getting warmer, I think. Lesson learned to all. You don't go papering terms with the new coach until you've already bought out the old contract. An embarrassing blunder by the Get Saban camp, and something that made me very uneasy when the word contract started getting tossed about.
  9. JJ threats carry a lot more water than Mack going public with anything. JJ threatening to block the Saban hire is certainly possible. But that blows apart the notion that a unified effort was underway to get Saban. When a guy whose name is on the field is still standing in the way, then this was never really as close to happening as we think.
  10. And Saban would say, as he has actually said before in 2012, that teams come after him all the time and he has no idea what communications or inquiries come to his agent. Plausible deniability. This idea is ludicrous.
  11. No. Removing Powers opens up Texas to the shithead brigade led by Perry and causes far more problems for the University itself, problems more important than the football program.
  12. So Mack Brown threatened to go public with information that Chip Brown and others have already made public months ago? How does that make any sense? Think this through. What damage would that really have done, other than to make Mack look like a crazy out of touch old coach, and only validate the actions being taken to remove him? Either Mack was bluffing and our guys are the worst poker players ever, or more pieces are still missing?
  13. Lead Texas on, keep mouth shut, secure an extra 2mil a year, then deny everything. Perfectly played.
  14. This. I simply cannot believe that the effort to get Saban was a uniform, unanimously supported decision and that one man stopped it (Mack). That's an extremely simple and convenient explanation for an exceedingly complex situation.
  15. For Christ's sake stop taking these ESPN leaks at face value. That statement, if you take the time to think about it, supports everything stated in the OP
  16. Worrying about Mack's return in 2014 is as fruitless as holding on hope for Saban. There is no way in the world he can come back now. People are jumping to conclusions on that idea way too quickly.
  17. The nightmare scenario is playing out. What REALISTIC coaching option is a) Going to be acceptable to the masses and not seen as a total backup plan/failure and is going to be willing to come here given that the dirty back channel politics are now out in the sunlight?
  18. The way some of these posters react to everything that is said to them I was just trying to prevent the uhaul from showing up by 11am
  19. Instead let's act like Longhorns and esteemed graduates of this fine University. Keep that bullshit in the SEC and podunk Texas HS programs.
  20. In this age of information, it would be wise of all consumers to sharpen their skills when it comes to disgesting, scrutinizing, and ultimately understanding said information. If I see another "OMG SO AND SO SAID THIS! RABBLE RABBLE RABBLE" post or tweet I am going to lose it. Question all sources, and think about the why's instead of just the what's.
  21. I also don't understand how Powers would bless the plan, as you suggest, in order to secure the vote on his own job, and then immediately turn around and stand between Mack and the BMDs. Seems a lot more likely that Saban saw the WHOLE mess...which is much much more than just Mack (university leadership fight, new and toothless AD, crotchety donors spouting off to the media about the coaching situation...), and he realized a 50% raise at a sure thing is a pretty good deal compared to potentially walking into another quagmire like the Dolphins. He balked, they froze the resignation until the Saban smoke clears and in the meantime everyone is holding their dick and trying to blame one another to save face. I also like my scenario a lot more because it means Mack is still on the way out.
  22. So the BOR had unified support of this pending contract, and surely at some point someone raised their hand and asked "What do we do about Mack?" And the plan was to do what exactly? Just hope he plays nice and retires? Or maybe leak some contract noise about Saban and maybe he'll see the writing on the wall and go quietly? I am just trying to understand that part of it.
  23. Neither of us have seen this get done before, because it would be an unprecedented course of action for the hiring of a new head football coach at The University of Texas. One thing I *have* seen get done before, personally, is the execution of extremely sensitive multi million dollar contracts. And the first rule, the ONLY rule, is everyone keeps their mouth shut. So I go back to what I hypothesized somewhere earlier. This was getting leaked intentionally to try and gain consensus to push Mack out and get him out of the way so they could bring this deal to the BOR in Austin and be the conquering heroes. If instead, as you claim, it was a unified effort with unified "unofficial" BOR support and somehow they forgot to have a plan in hand for dealing with Mack, then we're worse than Aggies... and every single person involved is to be blamed for utter incompetence. And I could only assume that the leaks were then just a sign of said incompetence.
  24. Here's an idea for the geniuses who blew the Saban deal...might need to remember it next week. You secure the f##king buyout/termination terms BEFORE you go dance with the devil.

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