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  1. Typical entitled TU players got caught slipping up. One must ask what Case McCoy was doing watching the whole spectacle? He has tarnished the family name and made himself look like a perve.
  2. I would take Coach Slocum back in a heartbeat. Now I'm going back into hiding until next season.....
  3. Texas A&M is a better football team than Texas. Texas is scared to throw more than 5 passes in a game which will catch up to them. They must have a serious concern about the two sucky quarterbacks if they won't let them pass more than a few times a game. Give me a break! The wrecking crew will be all over that crap.
  4. That is because it is a badd ass website. Joto!
  5. Watching the debate tonight and all I can say is that Newt Gingrich is one smart person. He makes everyone on the stage look like idiots (as much as it pains me to say it). Perry looks ok tonight but if Newt Gingrich ever has an opportunity to debate President Obama, Obama will be wasted.
  6. Looks like Maverick meat to me. Check out the Rockets cheerleaders if you want to see real women. I used to date one.
  7. Texas is headed to the Houston Bowl. They will lose to Missouri, Kansas State and A&M. I will concede the Baylor game to you. 7-5 is your team's final record. Take a picture and remember I said it.
  8. Thought I would post something related to the pundits that think Tony Romo is a choker. Since 2006 Romo has the highest passer rating in the 4th quarter than any other NFL quarterback. He has 11 fourth quarter comebacks and 12 game-winning drives. Give the guy a break. All the Houston Texans fans are complaining about Matt Schaub now also after he threw the a pick to end the game last week. It happens to every qb! I would take Romo over Schaub any day but wonder what everyone else thinks?
  9. Every Aggie fan and alumnus would like to continue the Thanksgiving tradition of playing TU. The reality is our 2012 schedule is in the hands of the SEC now. Because of the odd number of teams in the SEC as it stands now, scheduling is a frightening task. Not out of the question that we might continue to play but certainly unlikely.
  10. Texas and Oklahoma stuck in the Big12 forever. Have fun playing crap every week.
  11. We will be in the SEC in no time. I personally find it hilarious that all these universities are begging us to stay. Good to be wanted I guess.
  12. Look for a press conference tomorrow. SEC will also talk to Missouri and West Virginia about potentially joining as well. in the words of Ice T - There goes the neighborhood.
  13. OU is the only soul worth saving in the Big XII and they see the writing on the wall. Boomer Sooner is moving to a new conference and if the Longhorns are smart they will follow. The Big XII is dead and Texas has the longhorn network albatross following it around. For once Texas is a bit screwed.
  14. Hey dolt, the A&M stands for Agricultural and Mechanical. Not Mining. The miners are in UTEP - you know, they are in El Paso. My you guys are idiots. This is the typical Texas fan -

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