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  1. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WUTJgk0HFqw
  2. Today is a day that I found somewhat easier to get out of bed and when I walked outside to get to my car the air smelled a little better. Heck the traffic didn't bother me that much today. Work is not much of a hassle either. Why? Oh yes, I remember now. COLLEGE FOOTBALL BEGINS TONIGHT! Life is good and the earth is back on its normal rotation. CHEERS!
  3. Doesn't do me much good since I live in an area that doesn't offer u-verse. I might just go ahead and move apartments to a place that has it. This is serious shit.
  4. Adams is by far a better voice of reason than Ketchum. His show, The Adams Theory is better than The Drive hands down. As far as the conversation is concerned Georgia Tech brings nothing to the Big 12. If it were Georgia it would be an entirely different story. FSU is a power but the Yellowjackets are another 3rd tier school that the Big XII has too many of already.
  5. I have to agree this is a subpar year for Texas baseball. The Baylor and A&M games we won but lost the series. I look for us to make a regional but we will be packing up to go back to Austin after that. Augie is going nowhere. He is the best baseball coach in the NCAA's.
  6. Do we know who we play in the Big XII tournament?
  7. Everyone that comes to UT leaves with that piece of eternal wisdom.
  8. Believe it or not I remember him. He played high school ball in Louisiana and was a mean scorer for Texas back then. Hard to recognize him now but I guess he got older just as we all do! He had a high fade haircut back in the day.
  9. Is LeBron already one of the best to play the game with 3 MVPs or does he need to win a title?
  10. Holgorsen likes the drinky drink. Glad to have a party animal in the Big XII. Two of them if you count Huggie. Welcome to a real conference boys.
  11. This sucks. I haven't listened to the Beastie Boys in a number of years but nothing but good memories when I think of their music.
  12. One day his kids will see this video.

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