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  1. I heard Houston was going to bring back Sage Rosenfels? Any truth to that?
  2. He it's nice to get good wishes from a Sooner fan! Thanks!
  3. Yes! looks like we have our guy finally. When you have a qb battle in late November and you beat the Aggies, you EARNED the starting gig! Question is will he repeat the success against Baylor?
  4. If we can pull a win against Kansas State and go undefeated we should be in fairly good shape for the postseason. Sagarin has us ranked really high which is good, but the bad thing is the Big XII has a lot of good teams with good records this year. With no conference championship there might be a bottleneck of teams with 2 or 3 losses. Then it is up to the bowl folks to determine which team will sell more tickets, etc.
  5. Guess Gary Patterson really is sick of SMU and June Jones! I hate the Frogs.
  6. Some dude on twitter was talking about how there were a lot of Texas Exes that live in Norman now and that Norman is not really that awful of a town. HE SHOULD BE STONED FOR SAYING THAT! Norman is the absolute armpit of America! LET"S KICK SOME SOONER ASS!
  7. Apple Board Member Al Gore (yes, THE Al Gore) says that the new iPhone5 will be released the 2nd week of October. For those who haven't upgraded to the iPhone4 yet WAIT! This is supposed to be a beast of a phone. Stay tuned for more!
  8. LOL. He should be fine for next week's game. No ligament damage.
  9. He threw for over 300 yards after the rib injury too. He looked like a different player when he came back in. Better than my guy who has a knee injury.
  10. Yeah, but I am digging Samantha Steele calling the 'Horns games. Palmer is a tool.
  11. Mariano won again today and is tied with Trevor Hoffman. Plays for the Evil Empire so he will have 20 more saves before the season is over. Helluva closer.
  12. I hate ALL razorbacks, including this jackal that has no taste in shoes or vehicles. Look at that thing. Seriously?
  13. This guys is a joker. He was about 2 years too late - Ochocinco Johnson beat him to the punch. Now he just sounds like a dumb wannabe rastafarian with mental issues.
  14. My Steelers got ripped yesterday too. We need help.
  15. Romo has a way of screwing games up at the last minute.
  16. Niiiiiiiicccccccccccceeeeeeeeeeeeee!
  17. I pray the existing teams in the Big XII keep the conference together for the sake of Texas. We cannot go independent!
  18. If MB does not start at running back then MAck Brown is not as smart as I thought he was. And if Garret Gilbert ever plays another down this season (barring injuries from Ash and McCoy) then I will suggest a mutiny. Keep it moving.
  19. For the second night of college football, that game was absolutely awesome. I would say Robert Griffin is getting laid tonight because he played like a stud but they don't do that kinda thing at Baylor. No laying, no dancing, no boozing. Sic'em? I say Suc'em.
  20. I feel sorry for the Aggies - the little kid that gets beat up and beat up and beat up and finally cannot take it anymore so they leave. Then they get beat up again and again and again. Moo-shoo pork with that butt whippin?
  21. I would take the Irish and Cougs in a heartbeat. Dan Beebe seems to be intent on expanding the Big XII so why the heck not ND and BYU? Let's get it on! EFF OFF eATMe
  22. GG will start. He will be the fall guy in the evnt things go south.

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