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  1. Ed Christian and Ladarious Phillips played at Auburn and one other person, Demario Pitts, were killed at a party at an apartment complex last night. Three others were injured in the shooting. A manhunt is underway for the shooter.
  2. Those are slick. I always liked the tower stills at night. A beautiful site.
  3. I have never been a big fan of Either guy but LeBron closed that game last night. LeBron got most of the acknowledgement for last night's win but Bosh played lights out. Thunder - Heat Finals should be awesome.
  4. Straight up! Tall kid with a nice bat and good gloves. If we can hang on to some folks after the draft on June 4th we will be in good shape.
  5. It is total speculation and I am getting tired of it. One of the pay sites published a story about the Big 12 was opening the doors for Notre Dame to join. Seriously? Of course they would open the doors for them. Folks are scrambling to see which line of bs turns out to be right.
  6. Some things are best said with music. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q6yDhVyP9oU&feature=related
  7. We pulled the win off today to save face. Time to head to Oklahoma City to hopefully do some damage.
  8. Numero crappo is my guess. They lost their best wideout and their Heisman winning quarterback.
  9. It looks sorta like Ricky Gervais????????????????????
  10. Last I checked we have 4 National Championships and two Heisman winners. You?
  11. Oklahoma State looks to be a bit high on the list and Kansas State looks to be low. Texas could be vaulted up to #2 I think but I am not ready to put them ahead of OU. West Virginia at #2???????? Add 4 and you would be about right.
  12. You won't win that game in Austin bud. Bring your personal copy of "Country Roads" because it will be a long trip back to coal mining country. And Geno Smith will be exposed this year when he meets real defenses.
  13. Other than the Bowden Brothers who in the hell does West Virginia Claim as athletes? Don't tell me Pat White and Steve Slaton both of which are currently sitting on the couches as we speak. Sorry but I just don't see the hype about a second rate college football team.
  14. texas73

    If you tan...

    She looks like an Ewok from Star Wars Return of the Jedi. Is this real? People need to wake up and get their act together. Folks, I am sorry to say but the USA is going the hell in a hand-basket. I am now going to my underground shelter. Playoffs????

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