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  1. Red has been a Mack supporter for quite some time now so I am not sure I trust what he says.
  2. Desmond Harrison not suited up for today's game.
  3. Just does not make sense for BYU to make this personal against UT. If they are that petty then I hope Mack never lets off the gas in Provo.
  4. BYU could drag this thing out until after we play them I assume. Does anyone know how this issue arose? I assume BYU flagged the course because WHY? Do they think Desmond Harrison would be a one man commando on the field when they face off?
  5. Good for VY. A couple mil for sitting on the bench? Like butta.
  6. The Texas staff was supposed to meet with him this weekend to formalize the offer. I do not believe Rhodes has even visited Austin yet.
  7. Ricky is not coming back. You do not let a guy go and then come back within the next few weeks. Jacquez is a frosh and has not performed great this year. High ERA and the off the field issues make him a liability.
  8. Maybe they have been living off of Doritos and Gatorade for the last month and just got caught?
  9. I ran across a nice fitness model and thought I would share. Mary Castro is her name and she is HOT SALSA! Mama Mia...
  10. I would give my left nut for Brooke Burke. She has some long toes though.
  11. Tannehill is a worse quarterback than Gilbert but his trailer park wife is hotter than Gilbert's friend Rosie Palmer and her 5 sisters.
  12. Geno Smith = As I read earlier on this board - Don't mess with Bevo. You get the HORNS.
  13. Hey congrats to Vince for finding a new bride! Any idea who she is or where they met?

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