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  1. LOL. He will be in the Portal within a year. But hey a million in bag money is cool.
  2. Fu** Baylor, Fu** their fans, Fu** the Baptist. Rape U can die.
  3. What is to figure out? It is here to stay.
  4. so what will the excuses be next year if Ewers still sucks and Arch beat him out? Oh yeah we can't be good now because we have a true freshman QB... Excuse after excuse.. I get it that is all Texas fans have to hold out hope at this point. Bottom line anyone who says Sark is the guy is in 100% hope stage. There is not data to show he is... We all want him to succeed but to date he is doing exactly what had has historically done. 11-11. Sark will get 2 more years. He better be winning more then 8-9 games are he will be gone that is 100% fact.
  5. 2010-2022.........................Texas fans have been very patient. yeah we want it now... Ironically I have been to every home game over that terrible stretch. But yeah we are bad fans. LMAO
  6. And? Kansas has beat no one good. And we still suck..... Keep making excuses for poor coaching. I am still hoping Sark figures it out because coaching changes suck....
  7. Well I am so glad that those who do think closer to me then you. Most of the fans like you wanted Strong and Herman to get more time. Also you know how I will know when Texas is back? When we are not scared or worried about losing to Kansas type teams. Georgia, Ohio State etc don't worry about shit teams like Kansas... Texas has sucked so long that most fans think losing 4 games is a good year. Sad times . Also Sark was not hired to go 8-4... He probably has two more years unless the bottom falls out but he ahs to do better then 11-11... We suck until we don't
  8. Sark loses to Kansas again you might as well fire him.
  9. Hamilton is the only one to listen to on this recruitment.
  10. Losing at home to an average career first year coach would a bad look for Sark... This is the type of game he needs to show he is the one.. If not just more evidence that we are wasting our time with him.
  11. He is telling everyone he is going to wait until signing day to announce. I guess we shall see.
  12. Justin Wells said there is nothing to see there. Too much damage done to probably repair.
  13. The only smoke is from internet posters. No one with real info or knowledge has said anything.
  14. Hamilton over at IT said there is nothing to see currently with Baxter and Malik.

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