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  1. MM and Sydir this weekend is the easy guess.
  2. It means he has arrived in Austin for his visit.
  3. Arch affect is already in beast mode.
  4. Buckle up the Arch recruitment could be coming to an end soon per Sam at IT. Also Eric dropped an interesting note/hint as well.
  5. He tweeted this same Gif last summer right before the SEC move was announced. So it is either related to more news on that front or maybe Arch?
  6. Rumor he may be transferring to a high school near Louisville.....
  7. I am changing my pick on Arch to Texas. It seems crazy that he would pick a team that has sucked for 12 years and just went 5-7. But fu** it here we are... LOL Now we wait.
  8. I've read Texas boards, I've read Georgia boards, I've read Bama boards. But again my opinion is based on my opinion. Do you ever read something but have a different opinion? It really is that simple. Georgia folks think Arch is going to Georgia Texas folks think Arch is going to Texas. I tend to lean Georgia just because they are the more stable program. Arch does seem to love Sark so here we are.
  9. A silent to who? And silent commits are about as useful as tits on a boar hog.
  10. My thoughts have nothing to do with IT or any board.
  11. Well we should get some closure on Arch soon IMO. A few weeks ago I would have picked Texas but I think Georgia will be the pick now.
  12. This dude is not a 5 star. Mid 4 star at best.
  13. Embrace it..... LOL One day it may not be true anymore... Today is not that day though.
  14. Recruiting is not an issue for Sark. Now if we are talking winning games then you might have something.
  15. He is not take right now so not surprising.
  16. He is a take even without Arch. Banks really likes him. He is a 4 star.
  17. These weekends most of the time are laying the groundwork and foundation that leads to future commits. We are very early in the 2022 cycle. OV have not even started yet.
  18. Arch is looking more like a summer decision.
  19. Team is underachieving big time right now. The last 25 games is who they are.
  20. His sister is playing in a Volleyball tournament in the area.

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