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  1. Are you an aggy? By the way we currently have the 2nd ranked class and a lot of studs still on the table.
  2. The whole message board thing may not be for you. The get off my lawn shit won't work with me old sport.
  3. We moved the ball just fine. Scored 48 points. The offense was not the problem. You seem to not like Texas. Perhaps go root for someone else.
  4. Kam literally said it is not true... LMAO Again I have said from say one he will not end up at Texas...
  5. Per Kam this is not true... So there is that. He also said the same on twitter to a reporter... so there is that too....
  6. They are a big fan of Jimbo... They also love the ou OL coach... They think Texas is several years away from being good
  7. You said you are hearing... Curious who told you? His family does not talk much...
  8. He was never coming here. His family has never been high on Texas. I know them well. They never really have anything nice to say about Texas.
  9. So the family told you? I have known his dad for like 20 years. talk to him all the time... Known the family for years... His family has never been high on Texas and one really does not like us... SO Texas has never really been in this so this is not big news... Again I talked to his dad Friday.... I will talk to him tomorrow as well.
  10. Also several outlets are reporting this and it's on his Instagram apparently. So should probably give credit to the source.
  11. Texas is still ou bitch. Got drug my a freshman QB. PK is a fraud.
  12. Perkins will not commit to Texas until he 100% knows when we are going to the sec. This is a fact... If Texas does not go until 2023 or 2024 he will not be in our class. This is a hardline for him.
  13. They will come but rumor has it Texas will be getting a big time all conference type OL through the portal probably in December. If it all goes right.
  14. Too late now. Get there early and buy some... I always start with a 100 bucks worth...
  15. The tailgate is the Fair. My crew hangs out in the food court before the game. It is always fun. Chanting ou sucks back and forth with ou fans who chant Boomer Sooner. A few things 1. Get in the Fair before 8am 2. Buy plenty of coupons early. The lines will be long late.
  16. Herman lost to ou in the Big 12 championship game hence he is 1-4 against them. Strong was 1-2.. So corrected.
  17. Mack Brown 7-9 Strong 1-2 Herman 1-4 Sark? Time will tell.

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