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Everything posted by MBHORNSFAN

  1. Someone may want to tell them that Campbell has signed with Texas already. LMAO What a bunch of dumb asses over there. LMAO
  2. It has been this way for years. The difference it is all out in the open now... Earl has been on the UT payroll ever since his paying days. He knew him and his family would be taken care of the rest of their life once he came to Texas. LOL
  3. It appears Texas is done with high school kids in the 2022 class. Time to move on the 2023 thread..
  4. Aggy has better players and especially in their front 7....
  5. The Bama game in September is going to be bad...I am thinking 55-10 type game...
  6. Probably approaching 15 million now in bags dropped to get this class.
  7. Well its all bullshit until Texas stops getting ass raped in the Cotton Bowl every year. Beat the mother f##kers is all that matters.
  8. This is a 5-6 win team until proven otherwise...
  9. Texas is in no position to tell 5 stars they don't have room. LOL
  10. Sounds like Campbell and LTG have already signed if you read the tea leaves.
  11. I don't see anyway we are in the sec in 2022 and the clock is ticking on 2023 now... 2023 will be the earliest but 2024 is becoming a possibility everyday.
  12. Aggy boosters gave 30 million for bag money this summer once they knew Texas was joining the sec. They are all in. Most of aggy class were paid cash money. Several got 500k
  13. Aggy has bagged a few more... Best class money can buy.
  14. The entire existence for aggy boosters and those in power is to destroy UT anyway possible. Bunch of cult pos trash.
  15. I heard that in the 1980's and 1990's and 2000's and 2010's and again today.. wake me up when they win anything but fake bullshit.. Aggy is trash, their fans are trash, anyone who likes them is trash.
  16. Don't fall for the Stewart trolling Parents want Neto at Texas. Tomorrow is going to be nuts.
  17. Dewberry is right but I am not so sure on Harris... Will be interesting what Eric says today about Harris. He is the go to for this recruitment. roach is probably just listening to aggy sites.

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