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  1. Apparently his sraff moves upset some people. Losing Tullo was perceived as very bad...Pierce has no friends in the program.... reminds me of the Herman situation.... If the season goes south I could see Pierce getting popped.
  2. I am officially in the we need to go find the best available basketball coach camp. Terry has done a decent job but he is not the long term answer...
  3. Career Touchdowns 1. Xavier Worthy (Texas): 21 2. Marvin Harrison (Ohio State): 17 3. * Jalen McMillan (Washington): 12 4T. * Rome Odunze (Washington): 11 4T. Troy Franklin (Oregon): 11 6. Emeka Egbuka (Ohio State): 10 7. Ja'Corey Brooks (Alabama): 10 8. Mario Williams (USC) 9 9. Beaux Collins (Clemson): 8 10T J. Michael Sturdivant (UCLA): 7 10T. Malik Nabors (LSU): 7 10T. Brian Thomas (LSU): 7 Career Receiving Yards 1. Xavier Worthy (Texas): 1,741 2. * Rome Odunze (Washington): 1,632 3. * Jalen McMillan (Washington): 1,584 4. Malik Nabors (LSU): 1,434 5. Dorian Singer (USC): 1,406 6. Marvin Harrison (Ohio State): 1,402 7. Emeka Egbuka (Ohio State): 1,342 8. Troy Franklin (Oregon): 1,099 9. Dominic Lovett (Georgia): 1,019 10. Mario Williams (USC) 1,011 Career Receptions 1T. Xavier Worthy (Texas): 122 1T. * Rome Odunze (Washington): 122 3. * Jalen McMillan (Washington): 119 4. Malik Nabors (LSU): 100 5. Marvin Harrison (Ohio State): 88 6. Dorian Singer (USC): 84 7. Emeka Egbuka (Ohio State): 83 8. Dominic Lovett (Georgia): 82 9. Troy Franklin (Oregon): 79 10. * Elijan Badger (Illinois) 77
  4. No it was a very reasonable post. I simply said that IMO I think the talent is lacking on the baseball team and the recruiting rankings from 2019 reflect that we have lagged behind. Weird that it was deleted.
  5. Who deleted my post? That is some bullshit....
  6. I have only been on IT and OB for years. I had a 247 account but did not use it much. When Burton left 247 there was no reason to stay there. Chip is a dumb ass, Scooter girl is worse and Mike Roach used to be ok but he has become worthless due to being around the previous two dipshits too much.
  7. I'm on 2 paid Longhorn boards. The value in being on them is so much more then the info they provide. I am not sure while some think spending a 100 bucks a year is a such a big deal. But hey to each their own.
  8. Yes they offers kids and they would not take their commit. Has always happened. It also happens they take a commitment and then process them out as well. The only REAL offer goes out later. Only the kids who can really commit get the aka real official offer. The verbal offer is basically useless.
  9. He was not going to juco due to grades. He was going because he had no other decent offers.
  10. He was going to go Juco because he really didn't get any interest from D1 schools. Jacob coach told him he was too good for Juco. Juco coached reached out to several schools for him. Amd here we are. He is from a small Mississippi town amd school and was overlooked.
  11. https://bleacherreport.com/articles/10020856-texas-db-ishmael-ibraheem-suspended-after-being-charged-in-revenge-porn-case

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