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  1. He has been looking for a reason to not come to Texas for months. Jimbo taking Sark's cornbread right now
  2. Harris is a Bama lean right now.... Banks is gone.... I heard the same thing about a ton of recruits just like Campbell. No sugar coating it... This staff is getting there ass kicked right now... We have some serious dead weight on the staff. I suspect we will be turning over the staff again in the off season. I see at least 3 gone.
  3. The on3 top 30 in state: 1. Quinn Ewers 2. Evan Stewart 3. Harold Perkins 4. Denver Harris 5. Terrance Brooks 6. Devon Campbell 7. Bryce Anderson 8. Brenen Thompson 9. Kelvin Banks 10. Jordan Hudson 11. Omari Abor 12. Bear Alexander 13. Cade Klubnik 14. PJ Williams 15. Earnest Cooper 16. Conner Weigman 17. Kris Ross 18. Neto Umeouzulu 19. Chris Marshall 20. Kam Dewberry 21. Jaray Bledsoe 22. Matthew Golden 23. Caleb Burton 24. Nick Anderson 25. Jamarion Miller 26. Malick Sylla 27. BJ Allen 28. Hunter Erb 29. Jaydon Blue 30. DJ Allen Texas has 4 right now..... just brutal
  4. Worst part he lied to several people and told them he wasn't visiting ou.
  5. Believe what u want but recruiting is not going well right now. Aggy will have 15 5 stars at their BBQ tomorrow. And I will add When IT thinks recruiting has red flags we have a problem. They are the biggest homers out here.
  6. The turnout for Texas based on who is going to aggy bbq is disappointing. We are getting our ass kicked right now.
  7. Texas sucking for 11 years is big. Also we're running behind on NIL.... Win some games and look good on the filed and this will change.
  8. Patton cancelled his Texas visit... HE GONE Losing an East Texas kid to Michigan is embarrassing for this staff. They are getting their teeth kicked in.
  9. Sounds like Bama leads for Harris and aggy is making a big push. All due to Texas not having a good plan yet on NIL...

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