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  1. Embrace it..... LOL One day it may not be true anymore... Today is not that day though.
  2. Recruiting is not an issue for Sark. Now if we are talking winning games then you might have something.
  3. He is not take right now so not surprising.
  4. He is a take even without Arch. Banks really likes him. He is a 4 star.
  5. These weekends most of the time are laying the groundwork and foundation that leads to future commits. We are very early in the 2022 cycle. OV have not even started yet.
  6. Arch is looking more like a summer decision.
  7. Team is underachieving big time right now. The last 25 games is who they are.
  8. His sister is playing in a Volleyball tournament in the area.
  9. my predictions 1. I will drink a lot 2. The tailgate will be awesome 3. ou sucks weekend is the best of the year 4. We suck until we don't 5. Hoping for the best
  10. Ok...... End of the day We suck until we don't

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