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  1. Texas could win the next two or lose them both. If we're 4-5 in a few weeks all recruiting will be dead and Sark will have really put himself in bad shape to succeed here.
  2. Another thing with Blue the staff still wants him but I wonder if his indecision causes them at some point to move on?
  3. IMO if Casey struggles against Baylor it is time to go back to Card and just left him learn and take his lumps. Right now Card is likely gone to the Portal if something does not change.
  4. His family wants him to stay committed. That is what is likely to happen . Level 1
  5. This was posted another board when discussing Texas football struggles.. Damn good post. One thing it can't be is a talent issue. NFL players by program: Texas (34) TCU (15) Oklahoma State (14) West Virginia (14) Baylor (13) Kansas State (12) NFL offensive linemen by program: Texas (5) Kansas State (5) TCU (4) West Virginia (3) Baylor (2) Oklahoma State (1) NFL defensive linemen by program: Texas (8) Baylor (3) TCU (3) Oklahoma State (2) Kansas State (0) West Virginia (0) Some dolts on this board will have you believe it is and has been a talent issue, specifically along the two lines. Well, it ain't. Those Baylor, Kansas State, Oklahoma State, TCU and West Virginia have each had far less talent over the last decade but have combined to go 29-24 against us.
  6. Nope. He will get his 3-4 years like everyone... But the trend line is not good.. I have seen this movie before. With that said I really like Sark I really want him to work out and be good here.
  7. Texas is no longer a football school. When are becoming Tennessee. Also the red flags are out with Sark. He had a .500 record as a coach when he was hired and has yet to prove he will be nothing more at Texas.
  8. Are you an aggy? By the way we currently have the 2nd ranked class and a lot of studs still on the table.
  9. The whole message board thing may not be for you. The get off my lawn shit won't work with me old sport.
  10. If we lose to this crappy team Sark is not the right coach.
  11. We moved the ball just fine. Scored 48 points. The offense was not the problem. You seem to not like Texas. Perhaps go root for someone else.
  12. Kam literally said it is not true... LMAO Again I have said from say one he will not end up at Texas...

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