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  1. Recruiting is slow right now. Should get wild this summer once visits start.
  2. IMO Beard would frustrate Texas fans just as much as Shaka did. He is a good coach but he needs to change his offensive scheme as well.
  3. Texas averaged 74 points a game Tech averaged 72 points a game. Texas shot 45% on the season Tech shot 43% on the season Texas 3 point shooting 35.58% Tech 3 point shooting 35.37% Yeah lets replace Shaka with Beard...
  4. Finished 6th place in conference. Beard has had one good year.
  5. You must not watch many of Techs games. They were awful.
  6. If you watch basketball you would know that Beard's offense might be worst than Shaka's. He is a good coach but other than one elite year he has been .500 in the Big 12.
  7. Saban wants Stewart bad. His family favors Bama... SO there is that.
  8. All they can by by is what Anderson told them? He told a national Rival reporter that in an interview.
  9. Bryce Anderson Per Rivals "The four-star safety doesn't intend to make a decision until he can take all five of his official visits. He broke down the latest in his recruitment with Rivals."

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