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  1. Come to Baton Rouge Longhorns because we like Bevo meat.
  2. I know I haven't logged in in quite a while but I ran across this story and felt compelled to share it with my Texas friends. According to Tom Fornelli from CBSSports.com, Barry Switzer's Memoir will be coming to a movie theater near you. From the article... This even makes ME sick.
  3. What up with Santorum winning Missouri?!!!! This is a guy that the country needs to rally around. The Mormon and the old politician Gingrich are overplayed. Santorum is a true conservative and is the best man for the job. Obama is a sham and needs to have his ass kicked out of the white house.
  4. As a Denver fan I can honestly say that Knowshon is a douchebag. That Bentley is the most sissified excuse for bling I have seen in a long time.
  5. What does the world expect from Bama fans? They breed their own and act like animals in public. The mad baller is obviously queer too. Plus his balls are small.
  6. The hour is almost upon us. The hour in which the LSU Tigers bring another championship back up I-10 to Baton Rouge after beating Alabama in the BCS Championship game tonight. LSU wins this and the world should be talking about LSU as one of the modern marvels in college football. Had to get my rant in. I'll follow up after the game with my analysis. GEAUX!
  7. Ok, so my Tigers are playing Bama again, which I do not think is fair, but it is what it is. I predict an LSU victory by at least a touchdown but the marvel in oUr team this year is that we used 2 quarterbacks! Looking back at the season I am incredulous by nonetheless will take it. If Leas can manage to pull this game out then he will have legitimate respect from Tiger fans and alum forever. Geaux Tigers!
  8. The Aggies will meet Dr. Jellyfinger next season when the SEC whips their butts!
  9. I will be honest with you guys I do not like Mack Brown. Never did, even when he was with LSU back in the early 80's. A little bit of coaching talent but nothing great. Texas MUST show that they have progressed thus far by beating Texas Tech tomorrow. If Texas gets hammered by the Red Raider offense then Mack Brown's job will seriously be in jeopardy. While the OU game was the hingepin on measuring the ability of this team, the Tech game is a spotlight game that will either affirm or deny Mack Brown as the leader of this program. I think Texas musters up enough with the defense to win this game but I think they barely win.
  10. They should send someone in to kick the player's ass that did that. In Baton Rouge the fans would have mauled that player! And what was the deal with the Tuesday night game?
  11. Thanks to all but the Llama for the vote of confidence. In that case, death to all Llamas! GEAUX TIGERS. I'll start a Horns vs. Texas Tech Thread now because I have a few things to say about that matchup.
  12. I can't believe the Rangers squandered the opportunity to win a world series but I can tell you I am glad they did! It was priceless to see Pujols and LaRussa win it and bring another title to St. Louis. The Rangers choked and their manager should be fired for the poor moves in the last 2 games that cointributed to the loss. A huge blow the Rangers for the 2nd straight year. Ouch!
  13. Blue Moon is for fruits. Drink a real man's beer without the trash - Dixie or Abita is the best. You Texans drink the funk.
  14. Thanks to bbdude for showing me how to post a poll, but this weekend is a big game for the Tigers. I have talked to every fan from every school and most think Alabama is going to win this weekend. I beg to differ for a variety of reasons. Vote for who you think will win the LSU vs. Alabama game on Saturday night. I, for one, am booking my tickets to the BCS title game this weekend because after we beat Alabama it will be in stone.

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