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  1. The Miami debacle in the Cotton Bowl also contributed in large part to the worst hangover of my life.
  2. There has to be another page to this story. I have been rooting for an offer for this guy, but perhaps we have taken enough inside guys for now, or perhaps he has indicated that he wishes to go out of state. Maybe we already have another commitment at C or G. It's puzzling, but I guess that is why I am where I am and the coaches are where they are. He seems like an easy offer. Perhaps others have a more educated opinion than I do, or at least I hope someone does.
  3. You are 100% right. I do not necessarily agree with his position, however, I admire him for standing up for what he believes in, and risking his scholarship. It seems many people are willing to raise their hands, but not if it has a potential cost. I think perhaps like many young people he thinks the world moves faster than it does, and that the requests/demands do not need to be vetted with the rest of the campus [other student athletes, other non-athlete students (as they also matter), and, dare I say, alumni]. But that said, kudos for him taking a stand that might have negative repercussions. Few are willing to follow that lead. He has some cojones and that is not to be ignored or ridiculed.

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