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  1. Charlie had better win the winnable games. We know he's not going to win a game he was supposed to lose.
  2. I wish him well but I am also glad my Mavs won't have a chance to draft him. If everything goes well he might be a functioning NBA player in 3-4 years?
  3. The issue is his son plays QB for Cedar Hill and he has expressed his desire to stay until his son graduates. Plus he has already turned down two other assistantcoaching jobs. I think he believes he can do better than TE/ST coach?
  4. but...Agie is coming today and we will see what he says after that visit?
  5. Great job..lot a meat on those burnt ends.
  6. 9 PM. Brings me to a couple of questions. Dress code? Is being drunk and chatting a punishable offense? Do I have to know anything or can I do the usual and just make stuff up? Are there door prizes? Was it a catch? I am deflating my balls at 9 PM, can we do 9:15? Finally, will we see a reappearance by "The Dude?"
  7. Mack did Swoopes no favors by playing him his true freshman year. He should have redshirted and watched, like Vince Young and Cold McCoy did their freshmen years. Heard did not practice well but then word came out that late in the year he was starting to play much better. The kid has a pedigree. He's not as big and Swoopes but he is a much better runner. The one concern I have about Swoopes is I didn't see the growth I would have expected. I throw out the Arkansas game. In the last few weeks Arkansas shut out LSC, Ole Miss and allowed only 14 points to Bama. They made a lot of teams offense look bad.
  8. There is some precedent to support this. This past season Swoopes, in really his first year, threw for 2300 yards, with 13 td's and 10 ints. A QBR of 120.3 In 2012, his freshman year, Trevone Boykin of TCU threw for 2055 yards with 15 td's and 10 ints. A QBR of 126.4 Boykin did not much better his sophomore year with 7 td's and 7 int's, but this last season he blossomed with 3700 yards, 30 td's and 7 ints. Sometimes it takes a while for these kids to get it. I look at the start of Kenny Hill has at aTm and think he was on his way. Flash forward and he is transferring. Not every kid can be like those guys at Ohio State. It takes time for most to develop.
  9. Kinda tired of these in and then out guys. Go or stay, I don't care.
  10. I saw a tweet .. and we know Twitter never lies...that he has delayed his early enrollment. If true, he'd done, and so is the pipeline to ATX.
  11. Just weird how Irvin went from wanting to build a pipeline to Austin to now taking a visit to Auburn. Weird as in did something of a monetary nature take place. On Muschamp. Loser in Florida, loser in Auburn.
  12. I saw this tweet this morning. Not sure what it means? Gerry Hamilton ✔ @HamiltonESPN Follow For those wondering, #Auburn definitely still in it for 4-star #Texas commit Tim Irvin...T-Rob factor at work for the Tigers. 9:02 AM - 10 Jan 2015 How does the above set with this tweet from Irvin? Timothy Irvin IIâ€@T_irvin2 I Touchdown In Texas January 12 Cutler Bay, FL His tweets went dark as of Jan 8th but this is still on his profile page. Timothy Irvin II @T_irvin2I Will Be Attending The Univerisity Of Texas !!
  13. Re: Just a point of information. I know Swoopes was on the roster. He was the starting QB in the Orange/White game. I meant Ash was the starter but he went down, retired from football, and Strong was stuck with Swoopes because there was not another viable option. Then three fifths of the OLine goes away and there goes the season.
  14. So true about Coach Strong being stuck with Swoopes. He got here too late to recruit anyone.(Thanks for dragging it out Mack.) Then Ash goes down, he loses Espy and has to suspend two other OLinemen. Looking back it was amazing the team won 6 games.
  15. Sadly I was on the Swoopes bandwagon but there was plenty of evidence that I was wrong, I just ignored it. The biggest difference between Heard and Swoopes is Heard was a winner. Two start titles his junior and senior year. Plus he is more mobile and faster. I still don't get why Tyrone was so reluctant to run the ball? When he did he was productive.
  16. I would run the wildcat or put a DLineman in before Swoopes took the field again as a QB. I just keep going back to the pregame show on the LHN where Vince Young was talking of how Tyrone is near uncoachable. Talked of the frustration of coaches he didn't seem interested in watching film and just not seeming to care? Then there is his not wanting to run. One more year of this kind of quarterback performance will kill the program. I see now why his HS team didn't win a game hi senior year.
  17. I am never surprised by Rick Barnes team underperforming. I can't remember any of his teams over performing? They all usually start out strong and go flat later. Looks like this team is doing the same thing.
  18. I think Swoopes made a lot of progress and did so without a consistent running game. That being said I want to see more competition at the QB position. My biggest concern with Swoopes is he could not execute the zone read and didn't have the pocket presence I would like to see in my QB. We are in deep doo-doo without a better running game.
  19. He needs to try and win the game. Next year will take care of next year. We don't need a blemish against an SEC team to hurt our chances with those on the fence recruits. Good breakdown.
  20. I am concerned about the lack of wide receivers in the 15' class. Any word on John Burt? If we lose him, we are down to zero wide receiver recruits.
  21. Another way to say it is all our losses were to teams that were ranked at the time.
  22. You can't be a Cowboys fan and not get upset by the loss. Not and retain fan status. Colt is a Longhorn, so what. Washington has 3-4 Longhorns as do a lot of teams. Why is he any different than them? I don't hate him but I won't show him love either. These are rules of fandom. If you don't follow the rules, fine but don't talk bullshit about being a fan. My sister went to aTm. Should I be an aggie fan?

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