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  1. I am flying to Ceasar's Palace to place my bet on the Aggies winning the national championship. The university is a fine establishment for higher learning and offers student-athletes a top athletic program that is nationally recognized. I am lying my a$$ of in case you thought I was serious. That armpit of the world will NEVER win another national title.
  2. Gilbert gets the benefit of the doubt but we will have multiple qbs playing mid season. Guarantee it.
  3. Everyone might need to head to the CFL - looks like there is a real chance the NFL will not happen this year. God help the fantasy football business.
  4. But WTH is up with Mack saying to Dave Campbell Texas Football? He said Texas will be back but he doesn't know when. I want my head coack too say - WE WILL BE BACK NEXT YEAR! Even if he knows they will be medicocre!

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