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  1. We think Texas was busy at the JUCO's?? Look at all the players Tech signed from JUCO:


    WR SaDale Foster: 5-8, 190, Riverside CC (CA)


    WR Javon Bell: 6-0, 184, Mississippi Gulf Coast CC (MS)


    OT Rashad Fortenberry: 6-5, 283, Mississippi Gulf Coast CC (MS)


    DE Lee Adams: 6-3, 265, Riverside CC (CA)


    OLB Will Smith: 6-3, 220, Riverside CC (CA)


    LB/S Chris Payne: 5-10, 190, Mississippi Gulf Coast CC (MS)


    FS Austin Stewart: 6-2, 200, Pierce College (CA)


    Someone inform them that it won't help them.

  2. I was considering boycotting the NBA season because of the lockout but now I am most definitely finished with this junior varsity league. David Stern is a conniving commissioner who will not rest until the Knicks are king. He is the smartest businessman the league has ever seen and will see, but this latest act of nixing the mega trade is absurd. Who runs these teams? Does David Stern feel he can craft every NBA team the way he sees fit so the league is maximizing revenue opportunities?


    A joke.

  3. Honestly I think Alabama is the 2nd best team in the country but I have a problem with a team that didn't eve win their conference division making it to the National Championship Game. OK State lost to Iowa State in Ames the same week their womens basketball coaches were killed. ALabama had their chance and blew it. Plus it isn't fair that LSU has to play a team they already beat.

  4. Garret Gilbert ws the best qb on the team this year. Had he started every game we would have had more productivity. Not his fault. Plus the play calling from new OC Harsin has been less than stellar. I agree that next season the qb position will be open for competition. Did you guys see Mack Brown on the sideline yesterday? He has aged 10 years since a few seasons ago. The stress is really apparent on him. Time to get things straight after the bowl game. Texas does not settle for half-ass.

  5. This game was a complete disaster in the second half for Texas. We looked like the Aggies out there. Harsinwhite's play calling was garbage and Case MCCoy has a release that is entirely junior varsity. I am looking for positives to take from this game and I can find none. We belong in the Car Care bowl, not the aggies.

  6. Mack will be back next year but here is an interesting tidbit. Again just a rumor but Chris Peterson from Boise State is liked very much by UT administration. WHEN Mack decides to leave if Peterson is willing and able to come to Texas then he most likely will. Reuniting him with Harsin would be something powerful!!!!


    Mack writes his own ending at Texas though.

  7. I find the fact that Paterno transferring ownership of his house to his wife 4 months ago for $1 to be sad and pathetic. What in the hell has the world come to? Paterno was a staple in the world of college footbal - a leader and pioneer.


    From a NY Times article:


    Lawrence A. Frolik, a law professor at the University of Pittsburgh who specializes in elder law, said that he had “never heard” of a husband selling his share of a house for $1 to his spouse for tax or government assistance purposes.


    “I can’t see any tax advantages,” Frolik said. “If someone told me that, my reaction would be, ‘Are they hoping to shield assets in case if there’s personal liability?’ ” He added, “It sounds like an attempt to avoid personal liability in having assets in his wife’s name.”


    I am disgusted by Joe Paterno and obviously the entire Penn State administrative staff. Joe should have acted like the man we all thought he was and do the right thing. Inexplicable to say the least.

  8. Bud Adams wanted Vince for the sole purpose of beating the Houston Texans. Vince did some things also that were a little nuts - like assaulting that guy in the strip club and talking smack to Jeff Fisher. I think the Philly gig has taugh him a lot and I hope he keeps winning. He is a winner who will always have a special place in Longhorn Lore.

  9. The Cowboys won their titles back in to 90's but I have not been a fan of Jerry's since they let the classiest man in the NFL go - Tom Landry. I have read all the books and articles about how it might not have been Jerry's fault but the fact of the matter is he let Tom go, plain and simple. I root for the Cowboys because I grew up watching them as America's team but it is not the same. I will be glad when he sells the team and some integrity is brought back to Dallas.

  10. I heard about that from my frind that lives in Cleveland that went to the game. He said the Toledo fans were fuming about it. Was it intentional??? I was just surprised that there was a Tuesday night game. Then I turn on the tv tonight and Ohio is playing Temple!!! That sucks bro - I hope they discipline the NIU player.

  11. Surfing CBS Sportsline website and a headline caught my eye so I decided to check it out. This was the headline "Switzer and Pickens want Mack Brown around."e article


    Then I read the article which explained these gentlemen (if that's what you want to call them) actually think Mack is a mediocre coach. An excerpt from an email that Barry Switzer sent T. Boone read as follows -

    In the email Switzer told Pickens to make sure that Oklahoma State didn't beat Texas "as bad as the Sooners did because we want to keep Mack Brown as coach — we want somebody that both of us can beat."


    What a bunch of self righteous idiots.


    Here is a link to the article - http://eye-on-collegefootball.blogs.cbssports.com/mcc/blogs/entry/24156338/32959567

  12. Romo is a good story but he will get hurt again halfway through the season and the sorry Aggie McGee will get the start and do well. As much as I hate to say it McGee is probably the better QB in the long run. He adds the element of action to the field. Romo sits back and tucks the head and takes the sack. He tries to duck and dodge but is not effective. If an Aggie is the future of Dallas football we are in trouble.

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