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  1. If both, especially Paris, have not committed elsewhere by next February they will be invited to Junior Day and will both receive an offer.

    The visit went very well and Paris had some very nice things to say. Coach Akina took both into the video room to show them how UT would use them if they were to come to Austin.

    Paris has been rumored to have Lsu has his favorite in the past and we will continue to need to do work on him but today seemed to be very good for us.


    Also, Andrew Billings the OG/C/DT prospect for 2013 was also on campus with him mom for his second unofficial visit to Texas today. He is rumored to be down to Texas, TCU and Miss St and might decide b4 end of summer. He had a good visit also.


    I forgot to mention Billings also! Big boy DT! Let us hope he doesn't want to stay at home in Waco and play!

  2. David Stern was the fat nerd kid in high school that nobody wanted to be around and now he has the biggest ego and the biggest attitude ever. Very non CEOish to ask a journalist if he stopped beating his wife. Rubs me the wrong way in a big way. The NBA owns the Hornets so I feel like everything related to their potential success is fair game.

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