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  1. Agreed on the INT's for the season. This could be a year where we have a record # of picks. The spotlight will be on Jordan Hicks this year too. I do not think coach Brown is too satisfied with where Hicks is at this point but game days are a completely different story. It is time for Hicks to stay healthy and shine.
  2. Ricky is a weird dude but he gets a free "weird" pass forever. HOOKEM
  3. This guy has blood ties to Aggy. Plain and simple.
  4. Mack is in a different place this year and he is confident in the team. He mentioned he was ready for the team to get back in the top 5 this year which was music to my ears. I like that Mack Brown, I like it a lot. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q_X8ZZwcs4k
  5. Texas should be closer to 20 realistically but 15 is not a stretch. Good position for the guys to see if they can do some damage and get a little respect.
  6. Cannon was at TCU yesterday so Mack must have wanted to strike early on him. Cannon is a wanted man by a lot of Texas schools. Hope he commits soon to the Longhorns.
  7. Did we offer both Ed Paris and Brandon Simmons today? Reading conflicting pieces of information.
  8. I forgot to mention Billings also! Big boy DT! Let us hope he doesn't want to stay at home in Waco and play!
  9. According to Inside Texas Mansfield High School (2014) safeties Ed Paris and Brandon Simmons are visiting UT today.
  10. Well at least McCoy has hit the weights in the off-season and is stacked I hear.
  11. David Stern was the fat nerd kid in high school that nobody wanted to be around and now he has the biggest ego and the biggest attitude ever. Very non CEOish to ask a journalist if he stopped beating his wife. Rubs me the wrong way in a big way. The NBA owns the Hornets so I feel like everything related to their potential success is fair game.
  12. The reports now are that he has Texas and Texas A&M in a dead-even battle for his services. He likes both which is a big problem for me. I understand the SEC lure that A&M provides but he has grown up in Texas and he knows which school he prefers.
  13. So glad the Rangers picked him up. Watching him play for the evil empire would have been tough, especially since I am a Rangers fan. HEre's to him coming back strong.
  14. Why Texas A&M will fit well in the SEC... University of Georgia professor reportedly arrested on prostitution charges | Fox News Before as Professor Reinhart: And the night gig as "Sasha:" DEAR GOD!
  15. HE DOESN"T PLAY BASEBALL! Toledo Rockets quarterback Terrance Owens was drafted by the Padres in the last round of the MLB draft but he is NOT a dual sport athlete. Toledo QB Terrance Owens drafted by the Padres with no baseball experience | Dr. Saturday - Yahoo! Sports How do the Padres even come close to identifying Owens as a potential player? Bizarre!
  16. This is an incredible story that ended up the right way. Unfortunately Brian lost 10 years of his life in prison for a crime he did not commit. A great read. Brian Banks gets his good name back, but not lost years in prison - NCAA Football - Sporting News
  17. This just might be my favorite thread of all time.
  18. Still holding out for Prevot!!!!!!!
  19. Sorry for the typo. I'm sure somebody needs their coach burned though.
  20. What the hell is up with coach burning? Say what one more motha f'ing time I dare you???? Glad to have the drunk coonskin caps in the conference!
  21. I welcome the Cougars only if they bring all their wives.

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