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  1. TCU's offense will be lucky to score 10 against us. They are THAT bad. Hookem Horns!!!!!!!!!!
  2. Shaunsters is THE SHEEEEITE MUSLIM!!!!! GOOD STUFF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. If Steve Patterson comes to Texas I will light myself on fire.
  4. Me likey these boodys.
  5. There you go again with your purple power talk! We're gonna beat the hell out of K-State. Maybe?
  6. Damn, awesome segment with Captain America!
  7. The NM triple option willl be a true test for our defense. As stupid as it sounds I am a little scared! Those guys gobbled up yardage on the Jaguars. Time to see what we are made of.
  8. Aggies everywhere are chiming in on Florida State's potential Big XII move. They have to feel like shit knowing they might be replaced by a better team in FSU.
  9. EMass is most likely mad at Texas for waiting do damn long to recruit him. We missed the boat is my gut feeling. Said he would have committed at the Junior Day he attended if offered but the offers were slim and he did not receive one. When Bama and USC make you an offer how can you turn one of those down? Especially when the school you wanted to attend did not give you the time of day.
  10. You guys get Oklahoma at home which is a huge plus. Your non-conference games look lite and your road games is where it gets tricky. You play at Texas, at Texas Tech at Okie State and at Iowa State. I give you two of those four road games as wins. I think OU beats you and TCU gives you a nice game. West Virginia could very well lose only two games or they can realistically lose 4 or 5. I'll split the difference and say the Mountaineers lose 3.
  11. What is with the changes? Somebody hurt? Important conference match-up against the SEC Tigers.
  12. West Virginia adds a breathe of fresh air to the conference if for no other reason than they are from a different part of the country and they have cool uniforms. Lets give them a few years before we judge the program as a success of failure in the Big12.
  13. I think he has accepted the job according to CBS. 20+ year athletic director at Iowa and Stanford Universities. Seems like a good fit.

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