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  1. The issue isn't necessarily the scholarship aspect, but the 35 person roster limit thats hindering him from playing this year.
  2. Can you elaborate on "even Hollywood is being contracted to support the surge."
  3. Now down to 2014 lows at 2.34. 2.30 would be ~19 month lows. 30 to 15 refinances have been popular lately. Let me know if anyone would like some numbers run.
  4. Cantu alone should make it a #1 class. That dude is gonna be a MONSTER
  5. Whoever North Carolina's soccer coach is probably has a better one. Maybe Pat Summit. But Eddie is up there.
  6. Yes. Horns should win by 28-35. Kansas is terribad this year.
  7. Haha.. Knew this was coming. Well worth the wait.
  8. Kick him off the team. Silver lining - opens up a scholly in a year we could use another one recruiting wise.
  9. Something I wanted to pass on since we have a few clients doing this - If you have an FHA loan that was completed after April 1, 2013, it may be worth taking a look at refinancing to a conventional loan to try and rid yourself of the extremely high MI monthly costs and be able to get rid of MI at 78%, which hopefully rising home values have sped up that time frame. Let me know if anyone wants me to run some numbers for them. Oh and someone buy that home in Houston from about 3 posts up.
  10. What players do you expect to not make the cut from 41 to 35 on the Texas Baseball roster? Scouting report on Shane Reynold's kid who just committed to the 2016 baseball class? Will Rick Barnes look to do something similar to what Calipari is doing with the "NBA combine" type deal he's doing for UK?
  11. I think you already know what mine is going to be. Whats up with the LHN girl? The season has started. Unless Sean Adams is the LHN girl.
  12. Yeah I love the setup of the website they use.
  13. NFL I like Carolina and Pitt to cover so far.
  14. Kansas St -12.5 vs. Iowa St seems super low. I see that line moving to 15 or so.

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