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  1. The Black Cat Lounge was hoppin' on Tuesday's and Thursday's back in the mid 90's with David Bebe, Conrad, Alan, Gerrard and Barker. I saw them at the Continental Club in Houston in 2003 but have lost touch with them. Anyone seen them recently??
  2. OMG! The Mavericks are actually back in this series! I thought for sure they were headed for an 0-2 series record but Dirk absolutely schooled them. The Heat are obviously pretty boys and the boys from TEXAS got the best of them. GEAUX Dallas Mavericks!
  3. Strolling down the beer aisle of my local Kroger and ran across Shiner's Ruby Redbird beer. I bought a 6 pack and opened one up when I got home. I could definitely taste the grapefruit juice! It is a good beer but not one that you want to drink the entire 6 pack of at one time... Definitely worth a try!
  4. Hey guys, great forum here! Glad it started. My thoughts on the Horns basketball season is thhat it was a good regular season with a fizzle out toward the end. I am ambivalent about Rick Barnes and his ability to get the job done. Are our stars coming back next year? That will be the only hope for a powerful team next year.

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