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  1. Now the the rapist is married can I have those ladies?? He unfortunately got his ass kicked today. The Pitt o-line was dominated big time.
  2. Why don't we just make the damn BCS the "SEC"-CS? Give me a break. The first thing they need to do is take away that automatic qualification for Notre Lame if they win 9 games. One thing is for sure though - A&M's sorry butts will never make a BCS game with the SEC.
  3. The crazy part is they are saying the two top teams with the best conference record would play in the PAC16 conference championship game. Meaning Texas could still play OU in the conference title game. Interested to see how it all flushes out after this is made official.
  4. Case McCoy is the highlight of this game so far!!!! He is stepping up BIG TIME and making some unbelievable plays. Gotta go get 'em in the 2nd half - this game is not anywhere close to being over yet.
  5. Me too. Texas would play the best competition on a weekly basis which would be a good thing for the program. We would integrate to the SEC system much faster than the aggies, despite all the talk of how the aggies are a natural fit there, etc. The Outkick article raises a ton of excellent arguments. Would the SEC even consider inviting Texas though? Now that they have the aggies and the tv and recruiting markets the aggies bring, why would they invite us?
  6. OU is gone and it is time for the conference to realize it. It is time for us to go independent or find a suitable conference that will allow us to keep our network. This nonsense has gone on long enough. I am tired of all that jibberish!
  7. HAH! Henne overthrew Brandon Marshall for a potential td and Jaws dropped it. Did he make a little Vegas wager??
  8. I listened to Mack's press conference this morning and i am optimistic Texas will be ready for UCLA on Saturday. The players are excited about playing in the Rose Bowl where they have enjoyed success. UCLA struggled against San Jose State last weekend but they will be game ready for the Horns. More David Ash and Chase McCoy, less GG. hookem
  9. Per the BevoBall tweet about the story on CBS mentioning BU positioning itself to join the Big East in the event the Big XII crumbles... The author was absloutely correct. Baylor is whining because they might get left behind but they didn't worry about any of the other SWC teams when they received an invite to the Big XII - only because of Governor Richards at the time. The latest Bears ploy is to use this rhetoric about the destruction of texas football as we know it - HOGWASH. That school is in a horrible town, they have a mediocre football team that loses more than it wins, and they have no other decent sports programs. If they are lucky enough to go to the Big East after it is all said and done I hope they get a better basketball team quick. The Brian Skinners of the world rarely pick Baylor anymore.
  10. Why did the Saints hand it off to a rookie with their last play of the game? Pierre Thomas should have got the carry. Mark Ingram is a little punk!
  11. These record shops were the bomb when I was in school. I drive by now and neither are there. Man, what has happened to our city!
  12. I don't think Mack has been doing a lot of singing with the tabernacle choir, but we need to be prepared for BYU. They did something A&M won't do for a number of years: beat an SEC team on the road. We will still stomp them but just sayin'.
  13. Bradford will have his shoulder broken by the 4th week. Most likely compliments of a former Texas player. OU SUX.
  14. Seen it in Randall's but never tried it. Nice bottle but probably overpriced shit beer. Try that Roswell Alien beer that they reviewed on the beer reviews - it is good stuff. Texas Longhorn Beer Reviews from BevoBall.com
  15. Chill out. We should all be celebrating the first provider has been announced. It is just the tip of the iceberg my friend. You will get yours and if you don't then change providers! ESPN need to make some cash so they are wheeling and dealing.
  16. Check this piece out from BYU's Cougarboard.com. Interesting Stuff. Florida State to the SEC? Big XII would stay together and invite additional teams? Latest from Deloss Doss, Texas and Notre dame and new league - CougarBoard.com
  17. HAH. Nice edit. Let's just throw in there that Chris Simms was still better than any QB Texas A&M has ever had.
  18. When you are riding the coattails of your daddy, whaddya expect? He is a gifted athlete but would have nowhere near the hype if were not Archie's son.
  19. Well, Timothy Geithner is a buffoon, I do not know how else to say it. After clearly stating that there was no way the US would lose its AAA credit rating, well, WE LOST IT. Forgive me while I rant for a bit. So now it Standard & Poor's fault that the US has been downgraded? They do not know what they are doing?? S&P has been in existence for over 120 years. THE PROBLEM is this suck ass administration has no clue what it really means to "get your financial house in order." Our freaking Treasury Secretary has said that S&P has no idea what they are doing and they are incompetent. They are also off on their financial calculations substantially (according to Geithner). Really? This financial showdown was all about politics for Obama. The US joins Belgium and New Zealand with AA+ credit ratings. THANKS OBAMA. SUCKWAD.
  20. You aren't kidding. I just googled her and "good gawley miss molly" she is sssssssmokin! Time to go to more swim meets.

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