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  1. Beat the pansy ass Golden Bears! BTW what in the hell is a Golden Bear? A Gummy Bear?
  2. Tomorrow we find out how good this young team really is. They play in Chapel Hill against the 5th ranked Tarheels. Hook'em!
  3. This is a travesty. 1 year bowl ban for the assorted transgretions from Ohio State and Jimmy "Slick" Tressell? I hate the f##king Big 10.
  4. The Cal quarterback, Zach Maynard, is terrible. Our defense should have a field day with him. 17 td's 11 picks. We have our problems but this guy is going to be pressured all night.
  5. I cannot stand the Cal team. I have hated their poser asses since Jeff Tedford squealed like a pig when Texas got the Rose Bowl berth in 2004. VY and the Horns went on to beat a good Michigan team that year. Aaron Rodgers also said he didn't think it was cool that Mack Brown lobbied to get Texas in the Rose Bowl over Cal. Aaron Rodgers and Tedford can suck it because believe it or not, Texas is a better team than them this year and we WILL prove it on 12/28. CAL SUCKS!
  6. I found a new site which I LIKE:
  7. Cain is finished. He "Suspended his campaign today" because he was going prowling around for hoe's tonight. Seriously, he should have hung it up a while ago.
  8. I saw a glimmer of hope with McCoy. Honestly I think Mack must be pulling his hair out right now. Baylor is a fine team this year so it is no shame to have lost to them. The turnovers were our kryptonite this evening. I really hope RG3 wins the Heisman because he is an absolute stud.
  9. You share the sentiment of a lot of Longhorn fans. The other side of the coin just wants A&M to leave for good. I was upset initially but now that the news has died down I wish we would continue to play them annually. I will not miss us playing in Colon Stagnation, Texas. Morgantown, WV will be better.
  10. cheeseman


    My favorite character was Doakes in the second season. He was crazy. Figured Dexter out!
  11. The Longhorns need to bring it down tomorrow. Don't you know the aggies will shit and giggle for years if they beat us in the final game between the two schools. Sad but you know they will. Let's blow their maroon asses into next week.
  12. The bad thing about college basketball is you cannot count on stud players being around next year. These days it is a one and done type of college career. Maybe this lockout will keep a good pool of college players around next season.
  13. Whooooaaa! That is heavy duty! I would really like to see us beat their sorry butts on that junky field of theirs. Tell all fans to bring a shovel to do some digging after we beat them. Tear that stupid field to pieces.
  14. Unless we can get Nick Saban I am content with Mack leading the team. Be careful what you wish for. You can get burned by making an irrational coaching change.
  15. My brother got tickets to the game so I am heading down as well. I will be leaving as soon as that game is over to catch the Horns play at 7. Watching it at Woodrow's on Chimney Rock.
  16. This really sucks. HE is a leader and was having an amazing season. ACL and MCL tear in his knee. Special thanks to Captain America for his tenacity on and off the field. Let's get that knee rehabbed and get you ready for the NFL Fozzy. Hook'em Horns!
  17. What is Derek Fisher doing leading the Players Union? This guy has about as much sense as a circus clown. They need someone in there with a realistic view of compromise. I fear the season will not happen because of the stubbornness of the players.
  18. Ash has an opportunity to put up a few td's against an historically bad defense. You arer right though - if the crappy team that showed up last week IN LUBBOCK trails in to Austin tomorrow, we will thrash them. We cannot match their offensive firepower so the defense is going to need to force turnovers for us. If we can break that qb's legs like we usually do most Tech qb's then all will be good. Pressure, pressure, pressure.
  19. Great flick! A true classic! I am headed to the KU game so I ain't missing shit! Beevomav saved me last time with the Internet link, so thanks sir.
  20. Reports are that the Rangers are headed to the American League after the league approves the Jim Crane purchase from Drayton McClane. Peter Gammons is the source - Report: Astros headed to American League - CBSSports.com
  21. The only time I would miss the NBA season is on Christmas day (when I usually would sit around watching Kobe and Shaq) and around playoff season. Other than that I will watch my longhorns on the turf and my runnin' horns on the hardwood.
  22. Karma is right. YOU LEAVE THE BIG XII YOU PAY THE PRICE WITH MEDIOCRITY. Nebraska got ROLLED and A&M couldn't finish again. If MIzzou leaves they might lose to the University of St. Copius in Northern Nebraska next year.
  23. As long as the Yankees do not win I will be a happy man. The Rangers will have to fight like he'll if they plan to beat Tampa Bay.

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