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  1. Good concept. Maybe I can start a thread called "THE CHEESE."
  2. March 2nd and 3rd at 4:00 pm. Bring your beer and meet me there.
  3. I read somewhere that he wants to become a doctor and go to medical school soon. Not sure if that is true but I'm proud of him for getting his life together. He really brought Texas back on the scene nationally.
  4. He sucked on all my fantasy teams throughout the years but this latest act is downright stoopid. Mr. Moreno was driving his Bentley at a speed of 70 miles per hour in a Denver highway construction zone and was pulled over by authorities. The running back's license plates read "SAUCED." You guessed it, he was pulled over and charged with DUI. Way to screw up a career filled with money and women!
  5. If it is drugs then Mack is typically not tolerant. Howell looked good and I thought he would be a art of the line for a few more years. Oh well. His departure opens it up for some of the new guys now though.
  6. I heard the rumor about Hamilton and a potential alcohol relapse. I hope he doesn't fall back off the wagon - he has worked too hard to get back to where he is. Any news??
  7. Cannot wait for next season! Boy is it going to be cool with the new guys and hopefully a solid starting qb.
  8. Mizzou is most likely the place. Always was. Doesn't hurt to dream though!
  9. Agreed. To think we could have Dennis Franchione coaching here instead. PSYYYCCCCCHHHHHH!
  10. Bill and Chris Polian were canned and Jim Caldwell was let go next. Sounds like a new regime is moving in a different direction. Will this direction be WITHOUT Payton Manning? I saw reports that the Jets were interested in him. I always respected the Colts as an organization but now I am not sure. Caldwell didn't deserve to be fired just because his best player was injured. Wasn't his fault the team was built around one guy (Manning).
  11. Yes, you are a traitor! Just jokin'. Why not pull for the AFC?
  12. Is he married? Oh well, not like it matters! I'll take one for the team.
  13. He will certainly receive a better education in Southbend. Might be Notre Dame's time for a run back to the top.
  14. Seems the Denver Broncos staff believes in Tebow enough to name him the starter for 2012. Interesting since he is the ONLY quarterback under contract with the team for 2012. When they sign another couple of qb's his passing game will suck again and he will get benched. Bank on it.
  15. Fans should be proud of Houston and the season they had, especially given the Mario Williams and Matt Schaub injuries. This team is a legitamite Super Bowl contender next year. Sound weird to say that even before this season is over but it is true. They need to continue to build the strong defense and they must draft a cornerback with their first pick.
  16. The 'Noles aren't that bad of a team. The have two national titles and they owned the 1990's (actually owned is an understatement). I think Mario heads to Tallahassee but Alex De la Torre has been hounding him to come play for Texas.
  17. Look at the span between his strides - from one foot to the next when it hits the ground.
  18. You cannot spell Roll Tide without two "L's" --------- Go LSU Tigers!
  19. Then I read all this stuff about him meeting with Art Briles and he will make his decision sometime soon? What's up with that? Robert Griffin III meets with Baylor Bears coach as NFL decision nears - ESPN He comes back and it underscores the need for Texas to have a solid qb. That would make Landry Jones AND RG3 returning. Shit.
  20. Sumlin is in the press box. The ags may actually win this game as they leade 27-7. Northwestern sucks ass.
  21. Shame Case thinks he has a right to start just because of his last name. Mack wised up and realized the ship was sinking and the best player would start. Let him transfer.

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