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  1. Kid seems like a good grab for Texas. Nice batting average and good speed it sounds like. What's the learning curve between JUCO ball and Division 1 ball?
  2. I like McCoy and hope he continues to compete. Has Ash really shown us enough that this football team can say unequivocally he should start?
  3. The RRR would not be the same without it being in Dallas AND at the Cotton Bowl. Dallas better pony it up or be prepared to bend over!
  4. Mack had better not come out with any more crap about how McCoy is still viable to be the starter. Ash looks like our starter but even his performance is desiring. And he needs to stop clapping when we screw up.
  5. I assume we will see Connor Brewer in the 2nd half??
  6. Why in the hell is Jaxson Shipley not our quarterback? Dude is awesome.
  7. Mack said it is still up in the air. Case could very well be a competitor for the spot.
  8. Weeeeeiiiiiiiiiissssssssssssssssssss!!! Nnnnnnnnnnnnniiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiccccccccccccccccccccccccccceeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!
  9. Does anyone take an aggy seriously other than their own?
  10. Focus group? Were you picked for that or did you volunteer? I called many times bitching about it. I would switch immediately to Verizon fIOS but they don't service my area either. Aside from moving back to Austin, WHICH MAY DAMN WELL HAPPEN IF THIS DOESN'T GET SETTLED SOON, I keep up with the baseball games on the texassports.com game tracker and here/twitter. Glad the new folks on the boards here are talking more baseball. It is difficult to get good coverage on most sites.
  11. Would make it easier to stomach if I could get the LHN.
  12. Will somebody please tell me how in the hell Myck Kabongo is a better NBA prospect RIGHT NOW than J'Covan Brown? According to ESPN Brown is listed at 75th and Kabongo is listed at 33. I love me my Longhorns but did ESPN actually watch Kabongo play? Sheesh.
  13. Hey, we picked up a nice win tonight! We beat Texas State 6-1! The season is nowhere near over so don't give up on the guys!
  14. R. Bowen Loftin ends his Tweets with a #Whoop hashtag. I won't even comment on how %$@% that is. Go Cocks.
  15. Luckily we pulled it out in extra innings. Took 12 but we prevailed. THANK GOD. Our team is not that good this year.
  16. Cannot wait for tomorrow to go see Texas play Rice at Minute Maid! Not sure Rice is a good matchup to get us back on track to a .500 record but it should be fun. As long as we beat the Hogs on Sunday!
  17. I will grab some of my buds to post. Orangebloods is ridiculous and Inside Texas sucks.
  18. I might have an extra but you will be sitting next to me. I'll let you know later this evening.
  19. They better be ready come hell or a hurricane! This is a rebound year! Like the hot cheerleader that dumped you, time to find one that's even better. THAT is Texas football 2012!
  20. Must-win game for Texas tonight at the Erwin Center. JCB needs to throw in 30 and we need to play some defense! Yeah, it is a conference matchup but OU STILL SUX.
  21. If he wants to play at Texas that bad then he is a badass. Let's see how the next year plays out though with signing opportunities elsewhere still in the mix.
  22. Is 12.4 million bucks (per Suzanne Halliburton's tweet today). That'll buy ya a hell of a lot of sheep.
  23. Can he play on our basketball team too? This dude is an athlete from hell! He will tear you up and spit you out. Hookem Horns!
  24. Even if he bit pillows and wore pink you wouldn't turn him away. I don't care what school you are.
  25. You'd take him as head coach though! If you say no then you are a LIAR!!!!

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