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  1. Have to tell you guys I am seriously concerned with the direction of our foreign policy. The events that transpired in Libya and Cairo have me concerned. I am an independent voter but Obama acts like he has no idea what do do. The US Ambassador to Libya was murdered and Obama has not done or said anything. What the hell is going on and what do we do? I rarely post about this kind of stuff but I am really concerned. He's given too much leniency to the middle east trash countries and has not supported Israel properly.

  2. RSJ sounds like a prima donna diva anyway. More trouble than he's worth. Aggy and/or LSU can have him.


    A lot of the guys Texas recruit sound like prima donnas. Benenoch is a drama queen, Prevot was an ego maniac and RSJ thought he was Bo Jackson. Knee injury comes and now the air gets let out of the tire. Recruiting is a tough business.

  3. Red Herring or not Obama is a liar much like Romney. Both of these guys are horrific leaders and it is a shame we don't have anything else. Eric Holder was held in contempt today, American Healthcare was transformed today, slightly for the better............. The American leadership is a sellout and I long for the days of a real politician instead of a partisan. I will tell you now that I am buying several new firearms this week and I suggest you do the same.

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