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  1. This site has been lacking in fine ladies as of late so I decided to identify and share. Don't let the boards go "broadless" for too long.
  2. Texas takes a hit in the recruiting rankings after letting off the gas on RSJ. I respect Brown for the stance but not sure a top 5 national recruit isn't worth bending over backwards for.
  3. Have to tell you guys I am seriously concerned with the direction of our foreign policy. The events that transpired in Libya and Cairo have me concerned. I am an independent voter but Obama acts like he has no idea what do do. The US Ambassador to Libya was murdered and Obama has not done or said anything. What the hell is going on and what do we do? I rarely post about this kind of stuff but I am really concerned. He's given too much leniency to the middle east trash countries and has not supported Israel properly.
  4. A lot of the guys Texas recruit sound like prima donnas. Benenoch is a drama queen, Prevot was an ego maniac and RSJ thought he was Bo Jackson. Knee injury comes and now the air gets let out of the tire. Recruiting is a tough business.
  5. IMO this is a complete loss of the class. RSJ could have been the red sauce on the enchilada for us but instead we are dumping him? It makes no sense injury or no injury. After he dislocated the kneecap RSJ was announcing visits to his top schools, UT included. There is more to this story than Texas just deciding to back off.
  6. Yes you did! The master prognosticator!
  7. TAMU is about to score again and it will be 17-7. Florida looking flat ever since the first drive.
  8. Talk about all the other games here! Personally I find it very hard to believe that Mizzou/Georgia is not being hyped any more. What the hell is ESPN doing in Aggyland? Georgia is a top 10 team and Mizzou has a nasty offense. Chomp Chomp.
  9. They start a freshman qb and the beat the worst team in Louisiana at home 66-21. a freshman qb starting the biggest game of his life in front of 101K crazed burnt orange wearing fans? Does not sound like a plan for success.
  10. I like 'em fake and I like 'em real but these are perfect. She is a beauty.
  11. The deal has been guaranteed to be effective on January 1, 2013. Probably will be operational sooner. Could be the best New Years present anyone ever receives.
  12. Reading that Ash has been named starting qb. Odd since Harsin said both will play I thought????
  13. Someone is throwing a pick in this game. Might be Ash and might be McCoy but it will happen. The bright side is I would rather it happen in that game than against OU.
  14. 200 mil would be a complete gamechanger. Unbelievable.

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