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  1. Game looks like fun. I'll give it a shot if I'm not too late due to tonights game. Horn Fan's Picks Tampa Bay at Dallas...Total Points Game........52 Points New England at Baltimore..Over/Under Game 49 Points.....Under NY Giants at Carolina..Double Down Game....Giants Philadelphia at Arizona..Pick the Team with most rushing yards....Philadelphia Chicago at St Louis..Pick the team with the highest QB rating....Bradford Buffalo -3 at Cleveland..Against the Spread.....Buffalo
  2. we'll see about that bbDude.. And i think I'll pass on the Aggie.
  3. "He had a rough upbringing" seems to be a popular defense in the world of the athletics now days. The kid has tons of recent bad examples in the college ranks and Pros to see what it takes to ruin a career and a life. SAD. Show a little discipline and restraint Honey Badger.
  4. Anybody else catch Andrew Luck in his NFL debut? The kid looked very poised and like he'd done this before. I know it was against a soft Ram defense but he was impressive. It'll be interesting to see how he progresses during the regular season.
  5. He had to see this one coming, especially after being on a short leash after getting reprimanded by HC Joe Philbin for his expeltive laden press conference on Hard Knocks. What a Dumb Ass. There's always the Arena League or Canada waiting for him.
  6. I like it. Can't wait to hear more about this.
  7. Regardless of his upbringing. He's an adult that should have enough sense to know right from wrong and what it takes to be a productive citizen. it's gonna be interesting to see how long Jerry and Jason put up with his off field antics. Interesting article - Dez Bryant is blowing his opportunity
  8. hornfan


    Hey but that DICKWEED might Land his ass in Houston...at least for one season with LINSANITY running wild. That ought to help fill up Toyota Center for a while.
  9. Talented receiver but obviously needs some help with his personal life. See link to story below Cowboys receiver Dez Bryant arrested
  10. I guess he figured what the hell. If you don't ask, you don't get. Right?
  11. Two thumbs up from this HornFan. Hard to believe the name wasn't already in use by someone else. Future looks even brighter for HornSports.com
  12. Maybe Tiddlywinks. Can you see these two taking each other to court to determine who "deflowered" him first to collect their $$$
  13. here you go. Controversial Website Offers $1M For Proof Of Sex With Jets’ Tim Tebow
  14. Good Point. a double dis of UT. Ricky should be up there too. At least he's played more than 2 seasons in the NFL.
  15. Anyone seen this? It certainly would make for an interesting reality show. imagine all the tramps that would come out of the woodwork for something like this.
  16. It gets the world talking about NFL Films. Mission accomplished.
  17. That is a much better looking pic of her. Sweet and sexy!! In the first pic she looks very pyscho with that ''You better not F@#$ with me" smirk on her face.
  18. "Fat, Drunk and Stupid is no way to go through life son." - Dean Vernon Wormer in "Animal House" for those uninitiated. He's obviously been able to function well living up to 2 of the 3. Wonder how much longer it's gonna work for him.
  19. Texas HS football is better by far IMO. You ever watch a high school game on ESPN from another state? I know other states have some great athletes, but they all seem to be somewhat inferior as a whole compared to what you see in Texas and probably couldn't compete on any level higher than 4A here.
  20. Yep. Give it a year or so and he'll quietly end up as an asst coach on some NFL team.
  21. Dat's just BAD!!! BAD meaning BAD, not BAD meaning good.

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