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  1. Courtesy of the Big 12 Conference:
  2. This baseball team keeps cranking out wins. Damn, they are fun to watch!
  3. Deoundrei enrolled early too in the 2013 class, I believe. He has been on the 40 Acres for 3 semesters now. Time for the big boy to show us what he has.
  4. Go easy on Juan, my man budreaureye. He was using the tools at his disposal. We just now fixed our twitter embed codes! It was a site issue not his. Blame it on me or like Milli Vanilli said.... Blame it on the rain.
  5. . Didn't like the Dropbox url for some reason. I uploaded it to our server at http//www.hornsports.com/images/Andy.jpg and it took fine...Let me know brotha!
  6. Get the brooms out. Thornhill strikes out 2 in the bottom 9th and Texas sweeps the Sooners in Norman.
  7. Let me check on a few things about adding from your desktop. Typically the url linking is the only way to add images. Topstarr I can always add it for you if you want me to.
  8. Can you paste the url here? Let's make sure it works like it should. Or feel free to PM the link to me. We'll get you squared away.
  9. Bill the Butcher from Gangs of New York.
  10. Bubba is 3 up with 4 holes to play. Beer run time.
  11. I think it's cool to see the kids get excited about it.

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