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Longhorns Recruiting Road Trip: Week 2

Devon Messinger
Devon Messinger

Following the exciting slate of games that I was able to cover in week one, I decided to do something that I have not done in the five years that I have been covering football games in Austin. Last Friday, I covered the creative inspiration for the Friday Night Lights television show, the Pflugerville Panthers. While Pflugerville has not resembled anything like the Dillon Panthers in quite some time, I was also interested to see the McNeil Mavericks in action.

Pflugerville vs McNeil


On Friday, the McNeil Mavericks were looking to start the season 2-0 with a win over Pflugerville. Unfortunately for the Panthers, the game did not remain close for long. The game's turning point occurred early on, following an awkward call from the officials where Pflugerville had seemingly crossed the plain of the goal line, had an official signal a touchdown, and then lost possession due to a fumble. With the big first quarter momentum swing, McNeil took advantage when senior running back Kaleb Cooper had a house call with a 99-yard touchdown rush to put the Mavericks up 7-0.

From that point on, McNeil absolutely dominated the football game and ran away with a 48-7 victory. Now, for the first time since the 2014 season, McNeil has remained undefeated through two weeks of play. However, this 2022 McNeil squad will look to avoid the same fate as the 2014 team, a year in which the Mavericks had fallen to a record of 3-7 after winning the first three games of the season.

Extra Point:

Unfortunately, there are no real extra points to have in this week's edition. However, I will say that I miss the look of old 2000's jerseys. Many teams have seemingly lost their distinct charm as their jerseys have modernized.

Miles Logged:

32 miles

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