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Aaron Carrara
Aaron Carrara

We have all seen the stories, heard the rumors... Case McCoy is transferring unless he is named the starter of the season.  Garret Gilbert has already been named the starter behind closed doors.  Sherrod Harris transferred because he was told he would play and didn't.  Truth, fiction, heresay?  Maybe.  I give Mack Brown and his staff much more credit (and class) than that though.  I find it hard to believe that Texas would need to lie or mislead its quarterbacks, especially given the fact that it continues to stack the position year in and year out with blue chippers.  Shoving a kid in a storage shed after suffering a concusion is not the modus operandi of the University of Texas Football Program.  Take a look at what Texas has now at the QB position:




  • Garrett Gilbert
    (Junior) - Austin, Texas (Lake Travis)

  • John Paul Floyd
    (Junior) - Lubbock, Texas (Monterey)

  • Case McCoy
    (Sophmore) - Graham, Texas (Graham)

  • David Ash
    (Freshman) - Belton, Texas (Belton)

  • Connor Wood
    (Redshirt Freshman) - Houston, Texas (Second Baptist)




It is understandable that coaches need to think beyond today and need to formulate a potential "pipeline" that acccomodates a multitude of quarterbacks that provides offensive consistency over a period of years. But desperate times call for desperate measures. Texas went 5-7 least year and starter Garret Gilbert was mediocre at best in his role. 2012 is a new season, a season for redemption. Not that Texas has to win the National Championship, or the Big XII for that matter, but they need to establish a presence of consistency with the offense. The running backs are a head-scratcher in terms of how effective they will be (although I think Cody Johnson should have played MUCH more last season) and the team needs to put the best QB on the field, regardless of the politics involved.




Texas fans are not satisfied with mediocrity and if the starting QB is not living up to expectations in the first few games, then rest assured Longhorn fans will be calling for the next guy to take charge.  Hopefully competition for the QB position is still alive and well and we can be assured that the best man for the job will take the field behind the center on September 3 vs. Rice.

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