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The Good, Bad & Ugly Following the Dismantling of Rice

Mitch Lovell
Mitch Lovell

The Good
There is only so much to extract from Saturday's game again the Rice Owls, but there was a lot of good in the game for the Longhorns. First, games like these can be easy to overlook and Texas didn’t get caught doing that. When you drum a team 58-0, it is always a good night on the turf.  The Longhorns were able to get back to what they do best - running the football.  This is critical moving forward in order for Texas to achieve their goals for the season. The Longhorns had 427 yards on the ground and averaged over 10 yards a rush. The focal point of Steve Sarkisian's offense was manifested last night, and the offensive strategy moving forward is clear.  Big 12 play starts next week and the verdict is still out on if they can run the ball against quality conference opponents.

The Bad
In a 58-0 shutout win you’re usually nitpicking to find the bad things. With that being said, the wide receivers are still struggling to make plays down the field which is needed for Sarkisian's offense to truly take off. There were plays to be made and Casey Thompson and the wide receivers just couldn’t connect on a number of occasions. Freshman WR Xavier Worthy looked like a legit threat at wideout and it is good to see him getting things going in-game. If he’s able to continue to create explosive plays it will take attention away from Bijan which would help the offense tremendously.

The Ugly
If you run for over 400 yards the offensive line can’t be that bad right? Well considering the competition that is Rice, the starting offensive line left some to be desired... especially in the passing game. In the play that resulted in Casey Thompson throwing an interception, there was interior pressure that forced a bad pass. If the offensive line continues to struggle it’s hard to think young QB’s like Thompson & Card can have much success. The good news is that outside of the interception, the offensive line played much better on Saturday. It’s hard to take too much from this game but next week against Texas Tech we will have another opportunity to see if they have truly made adjustments and improved.  Andrej Karic played some in the second half and picked right up where he left off last season.  It would be nice to see him get a shot with the starting unit.

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