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"Self-inflicted Wounds": Key Points and Takeaways from Steve Sarkisian's 9/26 Press Conference

Ryan Swantkowski
Ryan Swantkowski

The mood seemed to be a bit dimmer today as Texas HC Steve Sarkisian started to make his opening statements after Saturday's 34-37 loss to Texas Tech. He recapped the game and emphasized, more than once, how the team caused too many "self-inflicted wounds" and couldn't capitalize on turnover opportunities. The Red Raiders fumbled twice but recovered both of them. Sarkisian continued on by stating how they didn't "play to that standard" of play that he believes the team has set for the season. He ended his opening statement by mentioning how there is "a lot of football left in Big 12 play... we have to take care of our business... and that starts Saturday at home against a really good team..." and how the loss was on him first but ultimately "on all of us" when referencing the team and staff. He added later in the presser that everyone is "still a little pissed off today" about the loss. 

Sarkisian was then asked, yet again, about a QB update and injury updates for players like WR Xavier Worthy: "It's still up in the air... they all practiced today" regarding the QB position. For Worthy, he continues to be "day-to-day... nothing structural". Sarkisian was then asked about last year's team and if they are more improved this season than last's, saying he thinks "we are better... we are a better football team". He stated that he feels good about where they are at as a program but that the team needs to consistently show it every Saturday. 

Star RB Bijan Robinson fumbled in OT in the loss on Saturday and Sarkisian was asked about how good of a job his teammates did in picking him up: "I think there was a lot of empathy for him... that's what great teams do we pick each other up and I think our guys did that". He added in, regarding the fumble, that "that's not the reason we lost" and mentioned the entire running back room helping Bijan keep his head up and how they all "naturally gravitate to one another". Sarkisian also touched on Hudson Card and said that he "played pretty well, I thought it was a gutsy performance", but thinks he is capable of more.

Sarkisian was asked throughout the presser about different variables regarding the Tech game. These include statistics (specifically for 4th downs), certain play calls and the fans rushing the field as the game ended. He mentioned how rushing the field can be dangerous but that his players handled it well even though a few of them were shoved/knocked into during the chaos. Sarkisian doesn't blame them for rushing the field, though. 

He finished up by previewing Saturday's next game and stated that the team is "very intent on coming out and playing our brand and our style of football... we aren't taking anything for granted". Kickoff is set for 6:30 in Austin as the Longhorns, who just lost for the first time in Lubbock since 2008, looks to beat a West Virginia team who rolled over Virginia Tech last week 10-33. Only then will we see if the "wounds" have healed already. 

-Twitter: @RSwantkowski


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