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Live Notes from Wyoming vs No. 4 Texas

Devon Messinger
Devon Messinger

Follow along as I jot down notes during Texas's week three matchup against Wyoming. This article will be updated throughout Saturday night.



  • Wyoming starting quarterback Andrew Peasley was suited up but not taking snaps pregame. We will have to wait and see if Peasley is starting tonight.
  • Longhorns freshman running back CJ Baxter will be held out of tonight's contest as a precaution while junior linebacker Morice Blackwell Jr. will also continue to be held out due to injury.

First Quarter:

  • Sophomore quarterback Evan Svoboda gets the start for the Wyoming Cowboys tonight.
    • I will be interested to see how this changes the dynamics of the Wyoming offense as typical starter Andrew Peasley is more of a threat on the ground than the air. As a result, Saturday's decision may also come as a surprise to the Texas defense, who has most likely been preparing for a more mixed attack from the quarterback position.
  • The Longhorns offense has been sluggish out of the gate - a problem that has plagued the program and has been evident against underdog teams.
    • The passing game has not been sharp through the first half of the first quarter. However, it is still early.
  • Wyoming junior running back Harrison Waylee's big 62-yard touchdown rush is an early wakeup call for the defense. It is one thing to allow chunk yardage, but a big touchdown run of that length out of the gates is also not promising.
  • Longhorns sophomore offensive lineman Cole Hutson had to be attended to by the Texas medial staff. We will see if we hear any updates.

Second Quarter:

  • What an opportunity for Longhorns defensive tackle Byron Murphy, who was able to catch a 1-yard touchdown pass from the fullback position on offense.
    • This drive on offense was an interesting one with Quinn Ewers essentially lining up at wide receiver for two consecutive plays thanks to a trick play, followed by a wildcat opportunity for Texas running back Savion Red.
    • Since Wyoming's early rushing touchdown on their first offensive drive, the Longhorns offense has been playing bend, don't break, defense - allowing Wyoming to move the sticks but stopping them before they get into scoring range.
  • Both teams had big wasted opportunities just before halftime. The Longhorns had an opportunity to march down the field, drain the clock, and extend their lead. However, the team would end up having to punt after failing to move the chains. Conversely, Wyoming was able to move the chains on their final possession yet settled with trailing the Longhorns by 3 points (10-7), and showed no inclination to score.

Halftime Thoughts:

  • Of course, for Texas to run away with this one, the offense will have to come alive. Although today's defensive performance has not been visually appealing so far, they have done their job by only allowing one score.
  • Lastly, Texas has shot themselves in the foot far too often - particularly in the passing game with a multitude of dropped passes (in addition to some overthrown balls).

Third Quarter:

  • The punting aspect of special teams play has been solid for the Longhorns so far against Wyoming with punter Ryan Sanborn doing his part.
    • On punt return for the Longhorns, Xavier Worthy could have perhaps tried to save a Wyoming punt from traveling an extra 15-yards earlier in the game, however he would have had to make up some serious ground to get under it.
  • Wyoming has done a decent job of attacking the boundaries in their passing game. We will have to see how defensive coordinator Pete Kwiatkowski adjusts.
  • Wyoming's third quarter scoring drive lasted 10:22. In our previews earlier in the week, I mentioned that, if Wyoming wanted to win, winning the time of possession battle would be critical. Now, through three quarters of play, the game is tied at 10-10.

Fourth Quarter:

  • Xavier Worthy's big 44-yard reception showcases what he is capable of. For some reason, that play in particular is reminiscent of much of his freshman year on the Forty Acres.
  • Longhorns defensive back Jahdae Barron was a nice find coming out of high school. I actually covered Jahdae while he was at Pflugerville Connally and wondered why he had not received an offer by Texas at that point in time... funny how things work out.
  • The best offense is good defense, right? Longhorns safety Jerrin Thompson made the case for that with a pick-six interception. While there are still many sizable opponents on the schedule to go, this may actually be the year where Texas wins games with their defense.
  • Longhorns sophomore running back Jaydon Blue's fumble was Texas's first turnover since their game last year against Baylor on the 25th of November.

Final Thoughts:

  • Was the game pretty? No. But hey, a win is a win.
    • If Texas is going to want to chase the Big 12 championship this year, they will have to avoid some of these unnecessarily stressful games. However, their win against Wyoming gives them their first 3-0 start to a season since 2012. And, well, that is a nice small victory to take away.

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