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Commitment Spotlight - Malik Agbo

Tristan Larsen
Tristan Larsen

Call it the Ewers effect, or maybe this staff has a way with words when it comes to offensive linemen. Miraculously, Texas has earned the commitment of yet another offensive linemen. On December 11th five-star prospect, Kelvin Banks Jr. announced he would be coming to Texas. Just one day later, Duncanville tackle Cameron Williams also flipped from Oregon to Texas. Just three days later and another one has bitten the dust. 

Today Texas received a commitment from Malik Agbo. The new Texas offensive tackle is a near 6’6 320-pound behemoth from Washington State. He’s a four-star prospect via the 247Sports Composite. He’s ranked as the 21st offensive tackle in the nation for his class and overall the 5th ranked player in the state of Washington.

While Sarkisian and company have been great recruiting in-state they’ve done a stellar job out-of-state as well, particularly on the west coast. Agbo becomes the 9th out-of-state commit for the 2022 class for Texas.

Agbo announced via his Twitter at the end of November his final four teams. Auburn, Miami, Oklahoma, and Texas were among the those that made the cut. The talented tackle announced today, on signing day, that he will be leaving the great state of Washington to come to The 40 Acres.

Player Information

Name: Malik Agbo
Position: Offensive Tackle
High School: Todd Beamer High School
City, State: Federal Way, WA


Height: 6’6
Weight 320 lbs.



Three Best Traits

Size - It’s clear to see what coach Sarkisian and Kyle Flood value in offensive linemen - size. Banks, Williams, and Agbo are all north of 6’5 and at least 300-pounds. Agbo has the size necessary to dominate defenders at the next level with ease. While at this stage he lacks typical offensive linemen technique but he has the size to get away with it.

Run Blocking - Agbo mainly played at right tackle and was a menace in the run blocking game. He has the sheer size to bulldoze defensive linemen without much acceleration needed. He’s an absolute punisher whenever a run play is called, very similar to Banks and Williams. Bijan Robinson is a lucky man.

Plays Both Sides - Agbo has played on both sides of the ball his entire career. On offense, he’s punishing linemen who think dare attempt to lay a hand on his running back. On defense, he’s trying to disrupt the opposing running back as a defensive tackle. While he projects to only play offensive tackle at the next level, that extra experience will help down the road.

Areas for Improvement

Technique - When it comes to technique at the offensive tackle position, Agbo is extremely raw. He has a tendency to get off-balance easily and lean over his feet. As mentioned before, he’s gotten away with this due to his size over the opposition. This is something that can be easily fixed once at Texas. Given some time, Agbo can be even greater. He already has a solid floor but his ceiling is sky-high.

Athleticism - He does lack the athleticism on the line to be able to pull consistently. While he is a multi-sport athlete he can be a little slow off the line at times. This can be due to the fact he plays multiple positions and could be out of breath later in games. Once he’s solely focused on the offensive line at Texas I think we’ll start to see some of that athleticism again.


Agbo is an incredible talent on the line. This staff made its goal to re-tool this offensive line and with Banks, Williams, and now Agbo, it’s clear they’ve done so. Agbo is a massive human being who dominates in the run game with his size and strength. He’s not as athletic nor as polished as Banks but under the right coaching, he has the potential to reach that status.

Final Verdict

Quinn Ewers, Bijan Robinson, and all of the skill position players at Texas are going to be forever grateful for what coach Sarkisian has done last weekend. Three massive offensive linemen parlayed with Cole Hutson and Connor Robertson... On paper, this offensive line has a chance to be special. This is turning into one of the better-recruiting classes in recent memory for Texas and Agbo is a massive part of that.


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