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Commitment Spotlight - Kelvin Banks Jr.

Tristan Larsen
Tristan Larsen

Thank you, Mario Cristobal.

As many in the college football recruiting world know, the former Oregon head coach is one of the best offensive line recruiters in the country. His ability to find and successfully recruit the best of the best at that position is second to none. However, his decision to move to Miami has produced a butterfly effect in the recruiting world, as many of the top offensive linemen in the nation are having second thoughts. One of those men, Kelvin Banks, decided to de-commit from Oregon and join the Texas Longhorns for the class of 2022.

Banks is the greatest commit in the Sarkisian era, simply put. Per the 247 Sports Composite, Banks is a five-star recruit. He’s a top-15 prospect in the nation, the second-ranked offensive tackle in the country, and the fourth-ranked recruit in the state of Texas. Texas is a feeding ground for many of the top recruits in the country. For Sarkisian to be successful he has to dominate in-state. Banks’ decision to re-commit, shows that Sarkisian is doing just that.

Banks officially committed to the University of Oregon on the Fourth of July. However, he still decided to take unofficial visits to Texas and Texas A&M last month. After Cristobal’s departure, Banks decided to re-open his recruitment. Despite Cristobal’s newest program, Miami, sending an offer Banks’ way, the five-star prospect has decided he’s staying home to attend Texas.

The future Longhorn was a first-team selection for his district as a sophomore and a junior. It looks likely he will be the same as a senior as well. Banks also is a finalist for the Houston-Area Offensive Player of the Year.

He will also be able to benefit from a new program that will pay all Texas offensive linemen on scholarship $50,000 a year for their name and likeness. The Summer Creek tackle is the lone five-star commit this cycle for Texas.

Name: Kelvin Banks Jr.
Position: Offensive Tackle
High School: Summer Creek
City, State: Humble, TX


Height: 6’5
Weight: 300



Three Best Traits

Explosiveness - Coming off the line of scrimmage, Banks looks like a horse coming out of the gates at the Kentucky Derby. He explodes from his starting stance with a ferocity that is rarely seen. If it’s a run play he can bulldoze over his assignment with ease. If it’s a pass play Banks can mirror the defender and get to his spot as quickly as the defender moves. He’s a nightmare to try and get around due to his frame parlayed with such quick feet.

Amazing Athlete - The film that Banks has left behind to evaluate is jaw-dropping. It’s rare to see a man with such sheer size and length move the way he does. He can pull with the best of them, he can knock linebackers 10 yards down the field right on their backside every time. The athleticism on display in every play is something to marvel at. Most people at this stage have the size but lack the athleticism. Banks’ excels in both categories.

Elite Run Blocker - There is a reason why Summer Creek averaged over 310 yards a game on the ground alone. It’s a team effort and they couldn’t have done it without the entire offensive line, but watching Banks run block is like art. You watch him run over every defender in his path and you can truly see why he’s a five-star prospect. He’s so elite in the run game alone that he could contend to start day one for Texas.

Areas of Improvement

Pass Blocking - When you play for a team that averages over 300 yards a game on the ground, it’s typical that the team won’t throw much. Summer Creek averaged only 120 yards passing on just 15 attempts per game this past season. Therefore, Banks really didn’t receive a lot of pass blocking reps at the high school level. What he’s shown, he has the ability to be elite in this aspect too he just needs some more reps.

Balance - This can also apply to his pass blocking. Sometimes in pass blocking scenarios Banks will lose his balance by playing over his feet. I believe this is an issue that coaching will help him on at the next level. He’s so used to using his speed and strength to play downhill it can bite him on pass blocking situations.


Banks is about as elite of an offensive line prospect that you will find. He has a massive frame parlayed with length, speed, and everything else you could ask for in a tackle prospect. He’s used to playing left tackle yet he can move all over the line. He’s the single greatest commit Texas has scored under Sarkisian and is a guy who will contend to playing as a true freshman.

Final Verdict

The commitment of Banks pushed Texas to the 7th ranked recruiting class in the nation. Both him and Duncanville’s Cameron Williams de-committed from Oregon to join Texas this week. Those two alone have doubled Texas’ 2022 offensive linemen commits from two to four. There aren’t enough words to show just how important this commitment is. 

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