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Aaron Carrara
Aaron Carrara

When I read the articles about Colt McCoy's wife, Rachel, saying that UT Football players were offered meals and other benefits I just about spit my Sierra Nevada out of my mouth!  First of all she is telling us something we already know.  These players eat out at restaurants and yes, even visit bars, and folks are always trying to buy them meals and drinks.  As a fan, that is the most honest, genuine gesture one can make to show appreciation for the things these guys do for our team.  I remember I was in a bar on 6th Street back in the mid 90's and Kris Clack and Brandon Nava were in the bar also.  My friends and I were fortunate enough to have them sit at our table for a few minutes.  We chatted about the basketball and football seasons and the waitress rolled around (actually I think one of us went up to the bar) and we ordered drinks for everyone.  I do not remember whether or not either of them drank what we bought, but it did not cross our minds that this would be an NCAA violation.  So yes, Rachel McCoy is probably correct - players are most likely offered meals quite frequently.  This is common sense.  Happens in Southbend, Norman, Los Angeles, State College and every other football town in America.  Doesn't mean players are soliciting freebies... they are just living their lives.  Being an athlete inherently brings that kind of stuff.




Secondly, what in the heck is Colt MCcoy's wife doing calling Colin Cowherd and discussing this kind of stuff?  I know the NFL season is in jeopardy, but isn't she a nurse or something like that?   The University and the athletic program staff know how to do their jobs quite well.  Additionally, we all know that the Texas Athletic Program is like a family and any concerns from the McCoy family can easily be handled internally like a family.

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