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Aaron Carrara
Aaron Carrara

I think it is safe to say that Cleve Bryant is most likely gone from the University of Texas Football Program. A recent article in the Statesman - http://bit.ly/kiUyVj mentions that Bryant is seeking to have his job reinstated within the UT football program.   Bryant has had a lengthy connection to the Longhorn program, coming to Austin in 1991 under then head football coach John Mackovic and moving to Chapel Hill in '95 to work for Mack Brown and the Tarheel Football Program.  Bryant returned to Austin in 1998 when Mack became head coack of the Texas football program.  He is without question someone that Mack Brown has leaned on for many, many years.




The specifics of the allegations against Cleve Bryant are unknown.  All we have heard according to rumors is that a female staffer has accused the former Associate Athletics Director of Football Operations of something.  Speculation has run awry and we know that the accuser has hired Hollywood glam-lawyer Gloria Allred to represent her.  Another article in the Austin American Statesman - http://bit.ly/lfma2A - makes the case even more puzzling.  According to the article, UT President Bill Powers says about the Cleve Bryant situation:


"That is still our position, but not because we don't just want to talk about it," UT President William Powers Jr. said of the case involving Cleve Bryant, former associate athletics director for football operations. "It's in a process that makes comment by the university inappropriate."


There are what appear to be substantial legal issues related to the case but after all of the hoopla, Cleve Bryant will have to move on.  This is a bit of a scandal and it sounds to me like the university and Cleve Bryant should say "thanks for all you have done for me"  to one another and each party go their separate ways.  Only my opinion, but when you let the investigation run its course AND you throw Gloria Allred in the mix, it doesn't look good for Cleve.  We believe all parties are innocent until proven guilty and we look forward to the end result of this unfortunate distraction for the university and the football program.

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