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All you need to know about the Wyoming Cowboys football team [VIDEO]

Devon Messinger
Devon Messinger

Photo Courtesy: Troy Babbitt - USA TODAY Sports

On Saturday, the Longhorns will host the Wyoming Cowboys in Austin. While some may sleep on Wyoming, the Cowboys beat Texas Tech in week one of the regular season. Today, our Devon Messinger and Dylan DeRaud break down Wyoming on both sides of the ball.

To watch the video form of our Wyoming scouting report, simply click on the video above.

Devon’s Scouting Report of the Wyoming Offense:

On offense, Wyoming's main threat is quarterback Andrew Peasley who is known for his dual-threat ability. Last season for Wyoming, Peasley passed for 1,574 passing yards, 10 TDs and 9 INTs. At running back, expect a mixture of Sam Scott, who has been making the most of his opportunities - averaging 6.3 yards per carry thus far, and DQ James, who actually leads the team in carries but has not been as productive. Like much of this year's Wyoming team, the Cowboys offensive line is led by a savvy veteran in 6'7" offensive tackle Frank Crum.

At wide receiver, watch out for the combo of junior Ayir Asante and graduate student Wyatt Wieland. Additionally, Wyoming is able to throw a big-bodied tight end in the mix, 6'5" John Michael Gyllenborg, who will be a threat to Texas within the red zone.

Lastly, a note to make on special teams is that Wyoming's kicker, John Hoyland, nailed a 56-yard field goal last weekend. However, it is also important to note that Wyoming enjoys the highest elevated stadium in Division 1 football, helping a kicker's field goal distance. Even with that being said, Hoyland possesses a good leg and allows the Cowboys to extend their scoring opportunities.

Dylan's Scouting Report of the Wyoming Defense:

The strength of the Wyoming Cowboys lies in their front seven and their ability to stop the run. They are currently ranked 39th in the country against the run this season. In their last two matchups, they allowed only 93 yards to Texas Tech and 90 rushing yards to Portland State. This success is made possible by their two linebackers, Shae Suiaunoa, a Houston, TX native who currently leads the team in tackles with 16 and has a sack to his name, and Easton Gibbs, who boasts 14 total tackles and 2 pass deflections.

Up front on the defensive line, the Cowboys are led by defensive tackle Jordan Bertagnole, standing at a whopping 6'4" and 290 pounds, making him a formidable threat for the Longhorns' offensive line. However, the weakness of the Wyoming defense resides in their secondary. This season, they have managed to come up with two interceptions, forced by defensive back Wrook Brown and safety Wyett Ekeler. Nevertheless, their shortcomings stem from a lack of size throughout their secondary and allowing 592 passing yards in total over their first two games. This ranks them towards the bottom of the league in opponent pass yards allowed per game, placing them 96th in the country.

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