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  1. Texas plays for National Championship! oh...and we are the ones who beat Nebraska earlier in the tournament!
    3 points
  2. Won 1st set against #1 seed Wisconsin. Go Texas!
    2 points
  3. Big win for the ladies last night! Still too many service errors for my liking however they only had 8 of them vs 15 when they played the Huskers. Wisconsin returned the favor though with 5 SE's so that was only -3. Texas lost the led late in set 1 & 3 but came back to win both sets. That was huge against the #1 team in the land. They also held the Badgers to a little over .200% on their hitting when they averaged around .330. The Texas MB's had big games, they led the way in hitting and blocking. On the second Texas challenge, I thought they should have challenged if Molly's sho
    2 points
  4. Coach Elliot teaches aggressive serving so Texas tends to have a higher number of errors than most teams. Also more aces. It drives me a little crazy too Tejas, but you just have to live with that if your a Texas fan. The match last night was extremely high caliber VB by both teams. Wisconsin is an excellent team. The Horns just made more plays at crucial times. I agree with your assessment of the Wisconsin libero ! I thought she was going to single handedly get them a set. I also thought the Texas defense and passing was as good as I have ever seen it last night. With their hitters, th
    1 point
  5. A game that really worries me on our schedule this year is the season and home opener against Louisiana. We get a team in Louisiana that finished the 2020 season at 10-1. They return most of that team and in particular, the skill positions and OL. They opened the season last year fast, beating Iowa State in Ames, and beat them soundly 31-14. Meanwhile, we're breaking in a new HC and staff with both new offensive scheme and defensive scheme as well as a new QB. Color me worried.
    1 point
  6. Bear19

    Stumble out of the Gates?

    We’ll stomp a mud hole in their ass.
    1 point
  7. Ok. 2 sets-zip TEXAS! Go, Texas!
    1 point
  8. I just googled the definition of apoplectic.
    1 point
  9. I would take 6-3 right now with no questions asked!
    1 point

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