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  1. NWAHorn

    2022 Texas Portal News

    I've said for the past few years and continue to believe that college football in 5-10 years will look completely different. Super conferences will rule the landscape, players will get better pay (even with NIL in place) and the NCAA as we've known it will get kicked to the curb. I also think that letters of intent will become binding contracts that will lock a player to that school for the length of said contract and players will be unable to leave a school until the contract expires or unless two schools can agreed to a trade. You might also see no-trade contracts in place. Essentially Power 5 football will be the NFL 2.0. I hope I'm wrong, a lot of signs are pointing that way. Maybe 64ish teams in 4 super conferences. Each conference with 2 divisions. Winners of each division get auto qualifiers into the postseason along with 4 at-large teams for a 12-team playoff. You might even see a player draft instead of recruiting. Something to ponder until next week.
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  2. Clemson 247 reporting QB Arch Manning has eliminated them from his recruitment.
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